Champion Shoot

Her Royal Majesty Æthelmearc scores for Her kingdom at the Archery Champions.
Photo by THL Meredyth Maskmaker

By THL Christophe of Grey

On Wednesday August 5 the Pennsic Champion’s Shoot was contested between the East amd Middle and Aethelmark and allies teams. Each team consisted of 30 of the best archers with additional alternates. Archers mustered on the archery range at 8:30 with shooting starting at 9:30. The first part of the shoot involved ten shooting stations with a Star Wars theme. There were moving targets, timed stations and stationary targets. Some shooting stations were team shoots where the team had to score on some targets before being able to score on additional targets.
The second part of the competition involved a Friend Foe shot that involved shooting a target with two good guys fighting one bad guy. The object was to shoot the bad guy to get positive points. Any hit to the good guys resulted in negative points.
The third part of the competition was a walk up shot starting at about 135 yards where two shafts were loosed. Archers then walked up about 10 – 15 yards and shot an additional two shafts and continued in like manner until a total of ten shafts were shot. There were a total of three targets to choose from. The largest was the Death Star, a disc about 10 feet in diameter. On the Death Star was a yellow circle about 4 inches in diameter representing the exhaust port. To each side of the Death Starr were two Tie Fighters, each about 18 inches wide. Hits to the Tie Fighters scored the highest points, hits to the Death Star exhaust port less and lowest score for a hit on the Death Star.
As the competition started at 10 and lasted until about 3:30 a lunch of ham, cheese, rolls, fruit, pickles, olives and candy was provided for all shooters and marshals.
At the end of the shoot all awaited the day’s results and ultimate award of the Archery War Point. The final tally follows:
Ten shooting stations – East/Middle 1078, AEthelmearc and allies 1185
Friend Foe – East/Middle 191, AEthelmearc and allies 185
Walk up – East/Middle 200, AEthelmearc and allies 209
Thus AEthelmearc and allies took the archery war point by the narrowest of margins. (Due to the fatigue of this reporter the war point total reported yesterday was incorrect.) All had a great day of shooting and enjoying the camaraderie of fellow archers.