Duke Timothy’s Adult Swim

Written by: Uilleam Friseal

Duke Timothy of Arindale is known for enjoying to fight until he can no longer stand, and again this year he has invited fighters to the field to test their skills and learn from some of the most experienced fighters in the Knowne World. In the past His Grace has been known to arrange similar events. Some of these events have gathered upwards of 300 fighters, all with the intention of teaching, learning, and having fun.
Most fighters have learned their lesson of walking to the battlefield clad in armor, and have chosen instead to haul all of their gear in carts, or in the hands of squires. After enduring Inspection Point fighters begin to line up for their turn to fight the ever-present Prince Marcus of Æthelmearc and event organizer Duke Timothy. Those who arrive late are also met with Lady in Arms Arria Marina, and Dir Der Seh Von Basel who both arrived before Inspection Point opened for the day.
During the fights, often both fighters stop to admire the skills of their adversary, and they are always met with instruction to perform it themselves in order to better defend against it or to use it in battle. Fighters from all Kingdoms can be seen learning and having fun with those with whom they will do battle in only a few short days.
With a count of 12 visible Chivalry, and no less than 20 unbelted fighters at only mid-day on the first day of the Adult Swim, Duke Timothy was very pleased with the turnout. He encourages all fighters to come fight, and all of those wishing to watch and learn to do so as well. As a man with a reputation of fighting until he can no longer stand, he hopes to see more people out for the fun of hitting each other with sticks!
Duke Timothy’s Adult Swim - Pennsic Style continues at the Red List on the Battlefield all day Friday as well.