Unclassifieds 8-7-2016

For Sale
Panther 18x24 new in box Viking chairs fancy bowls
Full leather gift/vigil books: From Historic Designs. Hand-bound & tooled by Kendrick von Brumbach. Very limited supply. At the Haunted Bookshop -063.
16 ft. diameter yurt, ash lattice & rafters, oak ring, Panther canvas, rubber floor. Asking $1800. Contact Bruce @ 732-674-4311.
Vardo for sale $1500. Text or call 724-854-2040.
Handmade Afghani rugs - soft and durable. space 37
3 Hickory Flatbows 30-36# $175ea poplyr@ Gamolgat n33
Henna paste made fresh on site. Darkest stains! #37
Black Propane Grill Clean 40.00 Call 602-721-5498
Indigo, henna, classic dye. Paisley peacock #37
Grolsch bottles for sale $2 each. text 850-499-4640
Essential oils, henna kit and supplies space 37
Opera bard at Pennsic Again! 10 years experience will follow your friends around and sing at them. Assault your enemies with Caccini! Or Bizet! Will deliver opera messages $5 a song and up. Text 240-405-6842 for set up.
8’ square shower building includes wet wall, roof & floor. $400 OBO. For more info contact White Raven @ 574-398-9310. Please leave number.
Peter Wright Anvil, 123 lb., delivery at Pennsic avail. $400 OBO. 216-409-4740
Viking archery booth 12-- complete line of archery supplies including custom bowstrings. Also have throwing hawks, leather pouches, t-shirts, cloaks, jewelry, and neck coolers. Starting Monday afternoon combat archery components-arrows and crossbow.
18x16 Panther Marquis 1 year old, used 3x $1000 tent only $1500 w/ ropes, poles, etc. End of War pickup. Booth 145 Hamishs Dreck 615-415-5842
Going out of business sale 18x24 marquee new in box. Primitive Viking chair 12x12 center pole. Site 48.
Repro French 6LB cannon on Naval truck must pick up in KY $2500 serious inquiries only. 812-449-5406
6x12 red horse trailer w/ sealing plywood $700 OBO. See Saxsa at House Fabri in B3 850-499-3135
For sale: Queen-size air mattress, brand new, used one night. $30 see Katherin at Newbridge in N08.
Tudor dress hooks, dress pins, hat & veil pins, fibulae. Authenticity is our thing! The Treasury #85
Custom Vardo/Gypsy Wagons. Many options available. See sample on W10. afabsales.com or text 716-450-3360.

Cloak & Dagger sharpening knives, cleaning, custom sheaths. #13 Bow St.
Attn Bards & Filkers 600 filks from Golden Age #208
Chess Challenge: Jayme Hume of Berwyk challenges any comers to a Battle of Kings: Westengale N03 on St. Lawrence just past the great hall.
Veronica needs rum & sunshine!
Carolingia, University of: Support the old Alma Mater! Varsity melee team t-shirts @ #121
Fine loose leaf tea by “Tea & Absinthe” only at Materialis. Space 87 on Street of Gold.
CMT/LNT seeks trade w/ CMT/LNT current and noncurrent gentle-pathy preferred, myofascial loved B5 Aielnem #434-981-4968
2-17 Known World Dance & Music Sym. 6/15-18 2017 Baltimore MD - Want more info? Come to the European Dance Tent @ 7pm Sunday. See 222.kwdms.org
The Known World Dance Symposium meeting has been moved up to 7pm on Sun 8/7 in the Dance Tent. All are welcome to attend.
Boo-boo-oil & salve - rivets - buckles - dyes - soaps & essential oils- oils - bitter apricot kernels at the Blue Unicorn Etc. on Battle Road. Also custom enbroidering.

The memorial ship will sail Thursday, Aug. 11. Paint sheilds at White Wolf & the Phoenix, 120 Plunder Lane.

Singles Party Sun Bog 6-9. Get your leis from the match maker at ARStation.
Celtic bardic! BardsHaven/E19. All the usual goodies! Food! Gifts! And other stuff!
Service dog social Tuesday 7pm Barony of Lochmere N18 Look for lg. banners!

To Scarlet Ibis: have a great War all! See you when you get home. Elizabet
Bards Haven is open for business!!
*Attention* This just in! Sir Harold hasn’t moved from His Chair in six days.
Patty D - Sending Spoons!

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