Battle of the Five Bridges

Pole arms meet at the line to take control
Photo by Tarmach

By Uilleam of Clan Friseal
Reporter, The Pennsic Independent

Fighters stood waiting, the sounds of trumpet, a blast of cannon fire, and the East began to charge towards the waiting forces of the Middle.
The defense mounted by the Middle Kingdom fighters was strong, but Eastern ballistae fired rapidly and that defense began to fail. As fighters began to fall from the first bridge, ballista fire was called to a halt because Eastern allies were taking some of the fire. As reinforcements for both sides reached the fight, fighters from the Midrealm began to push across the center bridge, but were quickly met with a wall of shields and pole arms from their opponents. Fighters piling onto the bridges had to push through the crowd to reach opponents. Waiting soldiers of the East began chanting and beating their shields. Moments after those waiting started their charge, the timer for the first battle ran out and marshals call for battlefield reset.
Trumpets sounded in Morse code between battles to signal how long fighters had to prepare themselves. The sounds of chanting and the pounding of shields filled the air again as marshals signaled to begin. At the cannon’s blast, fighters took off sprinting and met like waves crashing at sea. Tuchux and Black Talon shield units held fighters from the Middle back. Soon after the charge, a hold was called as medics checked a fallen fighter. He returned to his feet, but was unfit to continue and was led off the field. Following the hold, Midrealm forces found an opening, charged, and nearly broke through to the Eastern ranks waiting to enter the fray. They were met by Black Talon reinforcements, who proved that a shield defense can change the course of an assault as they pushed back the Midrealmers, successfully keeping them at bay. Catapults were launched, giving the East a chance to reform and charge just as time ran out and marshals once again reset the field.
The moment marshals reached the end of their next countdown, Eastern fighters and their allies rushed to meet their foe before the latter had reached the bridges. Those Easterners who met their counterparts so close to the Middle front were quickly defeated, but had done enough to ensure that the East and its allies would keep the Middle from advancing. Eastern allies broke through on the fifth bridge and begin to wrap around, making short work of this battle.
Orders were given, and fighters were seen adjusting formation just before the end of the countdown. Both armies charge and met directly on the line of skirmish where the fight remained until the timer was called. Between battles, fighters could be seen embracing both friend and foe showing great honor and chivalry, as well as the long standing bonds of friendship that exists between Mid and East.
As trumpets marked the beginning of the final battle, both armies once again found themselves faced off at the line of skirmish. Both had adjusted their strategies and began to show how just how strong defense can be of immense value on the battlefield. A combination of shield wall defense and well-aimed pole arm attacks by Eastern armies slowly began to take control of the final battle. In a sudden flash of activity, Eastern reinforcements charged and broke through to the Middle ranks on three bridges. During the chaos of the charge, a fighter from the Middle took a minor wound but was able to walk off the field. Moments after that medical hold was lifted, time ran out and cannon fire signaled the final end of the overall battle.
A roar of cheers and chants was heard. Friends and foes embraced one another in celebration of a glorious battle. Allied armies began to depart the field of battle, the armies of the East cheered for the Tuchux who had once again proved themselves a force to be reckoned with.
Both bridge battle war points went to the East.

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