Medieval Instrument Petting Zoo. Yes, Please Touch

Trying out medieval instruments
Photo by Quyn

By THL Mary of Montevale,
Editor-in-Chief, The Pennsic Independent

The other day at Bog University, a class called “Medieval Instrument Petting Zoo” took place. The instructors brought an assortment of period instruments from their own collections. Between them, they had around 50 instruments to display. The three instructors discussed history, evolution from earlier period into modern day instruments of similar ilk—and at the end everyone tried the instruments out; hence the term “petting zoo.”
When they realized they did not have much representation from the Middle East, a gentleman from Burning Hand (a nearby camp) walked across the street to play the saz (the name of a family of Iranian and Turkish stringed musical instruments) and give a brief history of Middle Eastern stringed instruments.
The 24 people in the class were almost a bit too much for tent. A few of this year’s Bog U classes have actually pushed the limit; one had forty people and spilled out into the lawn.
Lady Marion Quyn said, “We are getting a pretty good mix of topside and ‘down the hill’ students. I could not be more pleased with the way it has turned out in our very first year.” She is enjoying this great opportunity for her to teach practically in her backyard since she camps in the bog. She added, “We are so thankful for all the support and we hope to continue to grow.”