Champions Thrown Weapons War Points

By Lord Dominic Seamor
Thrown Weapons Reporter, The Pennsic Independent

The greatest gathering of royalty the Thrown Weapons range has ever seen began the Champions Thrown Weapons War point Wednesday morning, with six crowned heads opening the festivities. Their Majesties of the East encouraged their champions, His Majesty with words of dedication and good sportsmanship, while Her Majesty distributed her favors with her own gentle hands. Her Royal Highness of the East also exhorted the Oriental champions to do their best. While Æthelmearc is an ally of the East this War, Their Majesties of the Sylvan Realm provided a great boost to the team of the Middle Kingdom with a magnificent display of chivalry. Despite the best efforts of Lord Altan of the Moritu (Middle) and Lady Dealla Cohen (Atlantia), the roster of the Midrealm team was missing one member. Rather than compete with uneven teams, Their Sylvan Majesties allowed one of their alternate throwers to enlist in the ranks of the Middle, bring each side to twelve members.
Throwing for the East and its Allies:
Alexander Makcrystine (East)
Matteo Genovese (East)
Kazimierz (East)
Ruthger Lutz (East)
Aemilia Soteria (Æ)
Tigernach macCathail (Æ)
Gunther Grunbaum (Æ)
Romanus Scipio Vesperanus (Ansteorra)
William (Caid)
Anton Barsuk (West)
Varinn of Attica (Lochac)
Daniel of Whitby (Ealdormere)
For the Midrealm and its Allies:
Trystan der Fackeltrager (Mid)
Bubba of Wolfhou (Atl)
Breccan Cu (Atl)
Dealla Cohen (Atl)
Kryss Kostarev (Atl)
Altan of the Moritu (Mid)
Arinwald Rotstein (Mid)
Kestral Altara von Isarton (Mid)
Seamus the Tinker (Atl)
William the Archer (Mid)
Moonwulf (Mid)
Sanada Masamota Kenshin noKuma (Æ)
While waiting for the tourney to commence, HRM Sir Gabriel, King of Ansteorra, spoke of how happy he was to see that Thrown Weapons had grown to a level earning such attention and respect. He described how Thrown Weapons had moved up such a level that the Crown had a Thrown Weapons Champion, standing in Court alongside the Heavy Weapons Champion, the Rapier Champion, the Bardic Champion, and others. His Majesty said that this showed that the Society «was many things for many people.»
THL Leon the Navigator (East) had designed a tourney worthy of champions. There were eight targets, alternating knife, axe, knife, axe, knife, axe, and the last two for spear. The champions got two throws at each target, and all throws were from fifteen feet for spear, and from ten feet with all other weapons. The first knife target bore a nine-inch white circle worth two points, but in the center of the circle was a two-inch red heart and striking the heart lost the thrower one point. The second target bore a similar outer circle, but for this target the heart was the black heart of an enemy and was worth two points, while the white area was worth one point. Target number three had the nine-inch circle worth one point, but a one-inch diameter green circle marked a three-point scoring area, making this the most difficult target of the tournament. The next two targets were standard royal round targets, worth three points for the bulls-eye, two points for the middle circle, and one point for the outer ring. The final axe target bore a picture of a hand reaching for a mug, and this mug was the vessel with the pestle has the pellet with the poison. The champion’s task was to strike the vessel and spill the poison for two points, or at least stick a weapon in the target thereby warning the drinker and earning one point, but they had to avoid the hand on pain of losing a point. The first spear had an eighteen-inch white circle divided by a cross into four quarters. Two alternating quarters were marked with Xs, and hitting those quarters lost a point. The two unmarked quarters were worth two points. The last spear target was a standard royal round target.
The contest proceeded in three rounds with eight throwers in each round, with four members of each team in each round. In addition to seeing the highest individual score of the tourney from Trystan der Fackeltrager (Mid), who scored 24 of a possible 40 points, the round was livened by the unquenchable wit of Kazimierz. Even when his very first throw pierced the red heart and cost him a point, his ability to lessen the burden of stress on throwers and audience never wavered.
After all twenty-four champions had completed the course, Lord Leon delighted the assembled populace by announcing that the tourney had been decided by only two points. The Middle, led by Trystan’s high score, had earned 161 points. The East, however, had squeaked out that two-point margin with a score of 163, gaining the War Point for their alliance. The Eastern throwers had defeated their opponents by only an average of sixteen-hundredths of a point per thrower. With such a close decision, both sides avowed their eagerness to renew the contest next year.
A very special thanks is owed to THL Dominique and her husband THL Arinwald Rotstein, who have for these many years provided a refreshing table of fruit, nuts, and snacks for the assembled royalty, champions, and populace. Such a deed of generosity lightens the heart and eases the mind of all who partake. Many, many thanks.
The assembled royalty also wish to remind their subjects that Thursday is the last day to score points for your kingdom in the Populace Throw. Remember that the Champions Throw was decided by only two points.