War is Over

By Uilleam of Clan Friseal,
Battlefield Reporter, The Pennsic Independent

Photo By Teagan of Clan Friseal
His Majesty of the Middle Kingdom reviews the field.

On the final day of active war all heavy combatants made their way to the battlefield for their last chance to come together in such a large-scale event, and to beat each other with sticks.
Before battle commenced every unit received orders. For the first time this War, formations were kept strong by both East and Midrealm. Each army split off into roughly five main units plus reserves held back.
Eastern forces were continuously the first to charge, often crossing the line of skirmish before the Midrealm fighters picked up to a running pace. This proved advantageous to the Middle, who waited until fighters of the East engaged on one side before flanking en masse in hopes of overwhelming those who had charged. The ever-frightful Tuchux rushed to engage the flanking party and ensured they had a slow march. When Midrealm fighters finally broke through the defense, those who remained from their original target met them. A cannon blast marked the end of phase one.
During battlefield reset, troops gathered around their respective Royalty to receive orders and words of encouragement. Upon hearing the five minute trumpet, fighters fell in and took to their formations.
Marshals and fighters counted down in unison, those with shields doing so by beating them like drums. As the cannon marked the start of the final phase, it was clear that everyone wanted to make up for the cancelled battles yesterday. This battle was an amazing display of strategy and organization that this reporter wished had existed all War. All who fought today gave it all that they had. Despite the overall victory going to the East, everyone had smiles on their faces after the battle.