Celtic Bardic’s 20th Year! Bards Haven E19 Tues night. If you thought we had goodies for guests before you need to see the bling for this year!!!
Middle Eastern Dance Expo Tues 5pm PAP
Super Secret Wizard Rock Show for Potterheads! Featuring Efenwealt & Aenor as the Blibbering Hum-dingers. Thur 10 Aug 9PM Thanet House N15 Bring a Chair. shhhh... It’s a secret...

For Sale
We’ve Moved! Come see us at #93 Street of Gold. The Treasury - Authenticity is our thing.
Son of Sandlar 9Button Boots Black-Wine like new size 41 $375 or BO Farasha 732-666-1390 Full Circle
Small Women’s and Children’s Garb. Neverland Designs Space #121
Turned Wood Nib Holders, Pens, Crochet Hooks, Needle Cases. Neverland Designs Space #121
Looking for Spotted Pony Traders’ Deer and Elk Leather? We have it at the Little Dragons Hoard; space #119
Coleman 13.5x9’ tent, $75; twin air mattress $15; XL twin foam mattress $10. See Katherin at Newbridge in N08
Viking Wedge Tent. 7ft Panther. Green Excel Canvas. Brand Spanking new! $480 Camelot Treasures Booth 30
Vardo for sale. Beautiful peacock theme. Sleeps 2 comfortably $3500 firm. See in E18 call Anjuili 603-591-3111
YURT- Mfg by Yurts of America. 12ft dia. Douglas Fir 2x4 rafters & 1x2 lattice work, heavy vinyl ground cloth. $2800 or best reasonable offer. May be seen at Viking Archery Merchant Space 12
Viking Archery Supply, merchant space 12. For all your archery needs including custom bowstrings, combat archery supplies, plus throwing hawks, t-shirts, jewelry, pottery and more.
Wood folding table 5 ft 8 in x 3 ft. Hinged top that legs & cross pieces store inside when closed $300 or BO. Merchant space 12 Viking Archery.
Need a warm wool cloak? Sharp Pointy Things, #13
15x21 Tentsmiths Round End Slant Wall Marquee tent $800 Everything included except stakes, Call/text 570-916-8992. May view at e-15 Howards Fenway
Knives Sharpened, cleaned, polished. Sharp Pointy Things, #13
Box Truck for sale $3000 OBO. Not at War. Runs Well. Need some body work. 1985 F350 220,000 miles. See Tomas the Lapidary space 40 Street of Dreams
Claus’ guide on “How Not to Get a Laurel”- Audacious and naughty - the truth is hard and very funny. See Claus the Toymaker #26 across from the Barn.
Fly into the sky with a 8x8 3 sides blue trim fly at The Crossing (space 48)
Bad garb, bad garb, what’cha gonna do? What’cha gonna do when the punchline’s you! - Claus the Toymaker
The Crossing(space 48) has horse tails. Visit to learn more.
Bad Garb Old Maid Game - Yes we have ‘em! - from Claus the Toymaker (who else?)
The Crossing, space 48, has dorm refridgerators. Visit or call 724-421-5394 to inquire.
Hurry to Claus the Toymaker for your leper - Supplies have been limited since a carpenter from Galilee passed through.
Gourmet loose leaf teas by “Tea & Absinthe” only available at Materialis, Street of Gold, space #87
Beat the Heat in cool, comfy 100% cotton tunics, kitons, Angel-wing dresses, and cloaks in Knotwork and Middle Eastern Patterns. Kurta available in all sizes. We also have jewelry, doll clothes, bears and other pretties for anyone on your shopping list. Costumes by Loren 166 Fleet Street
New 12’ Yurt for sale $2500 OBO. High quality and built to last. Easy set up in less than 45 min. See Pente E18, Infinity. Come learn about Yurts!
Have the tent to have a complete Pennsic Experience 18x24 Panther new canvas, only complete. Available at The Crossing, space 48.
Hand-forged Knives by Forged in Fire Champ Chris Farrell-perfect gift for those missing Pennsic! #153
Aglets and boning and lacing rings- Lady Guen #121
Fairy Tale Fans! Claus the Toymaker has two new Adventure books about magic and especially Oz! Check them out!
Snoods plain to amazing-custom too! Lady Guen #121
Wooden Puzzles that last from child to child. Can be personalized no extra chaarge. Claus the Toymaker
Fit for a Queen: Queen size bed, new wedge construction available at The Crossing (space 48)
Fun scruillous books - some that have been out of print for years. Guaranteed to make you smile - Claus the Toymaker
13x18ft oval marque $800 @ Good Friends Camp on St Lawrence Way & Painted Canvas Floor for a Laurel.
Tshirts(Pennsic46) $15 or 2 for $25 Booth 90 S to 4X
For Sale: 2 wood Bldgs, 10x10 & 10x15 w/canvas roofs. $900 for both or $550/lg bldg, $350/small, OBO. Polyhymnia Camp on Cariadocs Path. Text 412-760+-3975. Ask for Arianna.
Kettle BlackArts and Handmade Leather goods. Available on Etsy, Facebook and YouTube. See the purple haired couple. Ask for a free hug.
Bad Garb Bingo! Have fun as you mock your fellow SCAdians. Only $5.00 from Claus the Toymaker #26.
Best henna crop in years just in at space 37. Powder and paste for sale. Creamy, dark, lasting color!
Good Gentles...How much have you spent on your armor? How much have you spent on your garb? How much have you spent on your children? This has been a public service announcement from Claus of Burzee, Toymaker
Large Bison hide available at The Crossing (space 48)
BAD GARB I and BAD GARB II Now AVAILABLE from Claus the Toymaker - How do you know you are not in them unless you read them?
Fresh henna paste made daily onsite. Booth 37
Map of the Knowne World puzzles-$20. From Claus the Toymaker

Scruffy old walrus requests flirtatious ladies for ego boost. There’s mead. Culann,Bards Haven, E19
Handyman available. Pennsic Experienced. Leonard 912-241-8179
Help Wanted
WANTED: Able-bodied seaman or woman with reading/speaking skills to assist weary pirate for a couple of hours each day M-F of war week. Paid. Call or text Krunch at 216-394-65011, or LM at Pentwyvern E-16.
KWP needs the services of a Notary. If you have your stamp and are willing, please contact Jayme at 717-649-1823.

Lost & Found
LOST- Small silk banner. Azure, 3 Pears, Or. Return to Kathryn at Flamingo Bluff Bock N03.

Sunday Noon - 5pm @X02 House de Londres is honored to host our First Annual Pennsic BIERGARTEN! Come join 4 Brewers and a variety of traditional sytle beers with complimentary pairings.

Cheerful woman seeks a ride to catch a flying dragon at the Pittsburg Dragonport, departing 8 am on Wednesday, August 9, from a person headed that way. 831-226-6982 Wren
Bacon, Scotch and Ashes in the Fire... Ask Tysha

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