Champions Compete

Edited Knights defending themselves after being legged in the Belted 8-6-2017Tournament.jpg
Photo by Sean Sreamach
Knights defending themselves having being legged in the Belted Champions battle.

By Uilleam Friseal
Battlefield Reporter, Pennsic Independent
It was a chilly morning and a slow start to the Unbelted Champions battle. Drums filled the air alongside a quiet chatter from amongst the fighters. Lay on was called and fighters from both sides burst forth toward each other, meeting with a bang that could be felt in the chest. With just one hold called, the ferocious fighting ended in only a few short minutes and tabards of Midrealm fighters could be seen standing victorious as the dust settled.
Shortly after, the field was cleared and the unbelted alternates took their places, preparing to fight. Marshals signaled the beginning of the battle and soldiers took off with a flash, racing to meet their opponents. The battle was over as quickly as it began with the Midrealm alternates as the last fighters standing.
Once more the battlefield was cleared and the Belted Champions began lining up to charge. A horn marked the beginning of the battle and fighters charged at full force, meeting on the line of skirmish with shields clashing. Fighters began pushing through on both sides, and it took some time before there was any decisive movement from either side. Once the line began to fall it was clear that the Grand East-Middle-Ealdormere Alliance was moving towards victory yet again.
At long last the field was cleared and the Heroic Champions bouts were set to begin. It was clear why fighters were chosen for these fights as their strategic thought process could be observed in every slight movement. Methodically and with great precision, the champions chose each blow carefully, waiting for their opponent to let their guard down for just a moment. It took a great deal of time for these skilled fighters to get through the full list, but in the end the Grand Alliance had taken all three of the Armored War Points.