Allied Kingdoms Stand Victorious

By Uilleam Friseal
Battlefield Reporter,
Pennsic Independent

The sound of bagpipes, drums, and trumpets coursed through the air as fighters took position on the battlefield. Commanders could barely give orders over the sounds of soldiers beating their shields and chanting for their houses. The cannon fired and a formation from the Grand Alliance exploded toward the Tuchux warband, they met with a hard collision of fighters attempting stampede through each other. Slowly the armies began to intertwine until the battle appeared as a large free-for-all. Many fallen fighters later, a flank opened behind the lines of the Grand Alliance and the opportunity was quickly taken. Moments later the Allied Kingdoms had won the first battle.
Both armies applied a more controlled approach to the second battle, with clear formations holding together upon approaching the line of skirmish. A blitz emerged from the Grand Alliance and fighting began on one side of the field. On the other side of the battlefield, two large formations from each side hold position away from the line of skirmish and send single fighters to meet in combat. The winner decided the charge, and as the fallen was cleared from the field, the Grand Alliance began its full charge towards a waiting shield wall. A hold was called so Marshals could regain control of the field. Soon after fighting restarted reinforcements began to diminish, leading to the remaining fighters gathering in the middle of the field until the Allied Kingdoms had the last fighters standing.
At the cannon blast a large group of Grand Allience allies took formation and marched to the line of skirmish and aligned as a shield wall to wait for the opposing charge. The Allied Kingdoms replied in kind with a lightning charge, meeting the shield wall of their enemies with a serious attack. Hold was called to clear the pileup of fallen fighters mid field. As fighting resumed, formations were abandoned and the field was littered with small groups of combatants. The last of the fighters dwindled away until only those from the Grand Alliance could be seen standing.
Commanders regained control of their soldiers as strong formations slowly approached from both sides. Meeting with less immediate force, the battle was no less vicious. Hold was called and EMS entered the field to inspect a fighter. The hold was quickly lifted and fighting resumed, however less strategic. Fighters of the Grand Alliance set forth a final charge, but dwindling reinforcements left too few to overtake the remaining fighters of the Allied Kingdoms.
Remember: Fight with honor. Die with valor. Arise and rejoice with your friends.

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