Battle of Bridges

Edited Bridge Battle Combatants 8-7-2017.jpg
Photo by Sean Sreamach
Bridge Battle combatant struggling to fend off overwhelming forces.

By Uilleam Friseal
Battlefield Reporter, Pennsic Independent

Trumpets signaled the one-minute warning that battle was about to begin. With that, commanders could be heard frantically calling orders for fighters to take position in front of the bridge entrances. Seconds before battle began; the field was filled with war cries and the pounding of weapons on shields. At the cannon, ballista bolts and arrows filled the sky, stopping fighters in their tracks. A strong-armed group of fighters from the Grand Alliance plowed through and broke to the other side of the first bridge. Hold was quickly called for the marshals to regain control of the battlefield as it was clear fighters were getting heated, not following Hold orders until trumpets were forced to signal. With the hold lifted, waiting reinforcements from the Allied Kingdoms wasted no time and charged to push back against the breakthrough and retake the lost bridge.
New formations appeared, making it clear that fresh orders had been given during the battlefield reset. At the sound of the cannon fighters sprinted onto the bridges and met like waves crashing on shore. The fallen quickly piled up and a brief hold was called to clear them. Following the hold, polearms from both sides took to the front and attempted to control any blitz. Shield walls quickly formed, though the pole arm fighters maintained such a powerful stance that shield walls called polearm reinforcements to become fulcrum formations. This created a pileup of fallen, and a hold was again called for them to be cleared. Few fighters remained standing, but those who were began one last push. A cannon blast signaled that time had out, and the Grand Alliance held control of more bridges.
It was clear that fighters saved their breath for this last battle. Bolts and arrows darkened the sky as the fighting began. With a sprinting charge two formations from the Grand Alliance took quick control of two bridges. Giving it all they had left, fighters of the Allied Kingdoms took control of several bridges, but with few reinforcements remaining they were unable to hold their stance. The Grand Alliance quickly made claim to three bridges and held them until the cannon signaled the end of battle.

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