The Rapier Field Battle

By Clarice D’allaines
Rapier Reporter, Pennsic Independent

On a day where rain was predicted, but instead emerged bright and sunny, the battlefield was once again filled with fencers ready to charge. The Grand Alliance including Ealdormere, The Handsome Boys, The Calibers, and others was positioned at the top of the field, closest to the castle, and with southern teams packed at the bottom.
The Grand Alliance was estimated at 233 fencers and the Allied Kingdoms estimated about 200. With over 400 fighters on the field, yells and cheers (and many holds) were heard for all four battles. Dual tidy bowls of doom (a term indicating one side breaking the other side’s line, folding it over, making it tighter and tighter, and creating a death spot for those in the center) were seen in every battle,
A new adult fencer to the East kingdom, Kristen Singleman, said she “enjoyed killing everyone, and avenged her father’s death.” Go Kristen!
The Grand Alliance took all four battles, winning the War Point.
A special shout out to Lady Elena Hylton for the ice water soaked washcloths on the field today. Thank you, it saved many fencers from overheating.

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