Medics to the Rescue at Woods

By Uilleam Friseal
Battlefield Reporter, Pennsic Independent

Marshals and medics were busy strategizing for the worst case scenario as fighters hurried into the woods. The buzz of excitement could be heard emanating from the resurrection point as soldiers gathered for final instruction from the Marshals. At the 10 minute warning combatants made themselves ready, checking that they had all their armor and that their weapons in proper condition to fight. When the five minute warning was announced there was an eruption of war cries and household units taking formation, making final decisions on strategy. As time got even closer units moved into the woods, taking stance at the edge of the resurrection line to pound their shields and intimidate their opponents.
At the sound of the cannon the soldiers charged deep into the woods towards their foe, the trees swayed as large formations plowed through to join the fight. Watching the Woods Battle from resurrection point was not unlike a battle scene from a movie, fighters shouting orders to regain formation and to hold specific positions.
The bees were almost more dangerous for combatants than the fighting itself, with an uncountable amount of fighters rushing back to resurrection point in order to remove stinging bees from under their armor. Commander Random Wronghand of House Clovenshield reported that combat to that point was fairly clean and featured a lot of back and forth between both sides. He also reported that all fighters he encountered, friend or foe, were in high spirits and enjoying what is a favourite battle to many combatants.
It took longer than Marshals expected, but a hold was called for multiple injury checks. Medics rushed into the woods, fighters forcing each other off the road to ensure medics could reach the injured as quickly as possible. Just after the hold was lifted the cannon sounded as a total hold so that Marshals could check banners, but some fighters ignored the cannon and continued to fight. In the confusion of another medical hold that was made necessary, combatants once again ensured the road was clear for quick evacuation.
As time ran on, more and more fighters began to ignore holds, even when a medical hold was called. However, reports from the battle heard at resurrection point told of high spirits and great fun being had by every encountered fighter.
With ignored holds, it was made very clear that many fighters waited all year to spend as much time as possible fighting in the Woods Battle. By the end, resurrection point was filled with exhausted fighters, who used the last of their energy to keep giant smiles on their faces.
Marshals announced after deliberation of contested points that the battle ended in a tie, with two War Points going to each Alliance. Evelyn and I send wishes for a speedy recovery to the fighters removed from battle.