Og on Alcohol

I am missing Pennsic, again. I miss it daily. My morning starts sitting in my OG throne on the front porch watching the sun come up (much as I do at Pennsic). I have another chair on the back porch to watch the sun go down. I miss Pennsic! I miss the Pennsic people. I miss the Pennsic adventure.
A year and a half ago, I was involved in an industrial accident. Dropping over a hundred pounds on your chest isn’t easy, but I did it; OG can accomplish anything. My neck was injured in this accident, so bad I can no longer hold my head up on its own. My chin hits my chest and I stare at the floor. Lots of PAIN.
Dozen of doctors; I am on oxygen 24-7 and a BI PAP at night. I hate all of it!
I have lost over 100 pounds. YEA! It is due to trouble swallowing. Me walking 100 yards, I am done for the day. The company retired me after a year, so now I have all the time in the world to watch the sun go up and down. I had to give up driving; my hands are numb, no strength. My doctors still have no clue.
I try not to complain. I am very lucky to still be here. Am I going to get better? DAMN RIGHT I AM!!!
I will return to Pennsic, the SCA, and Pennsic is my home. Everywhere I look I see memories.
You have all been a big and wonderful part of my life. Thank you all.
Lords and Ladies, charge your glasses and raise them high,
To all of you have fun play nice. See you next year, God willing.
Drink well,
Drink often,
Drink with OG.