An Epic End

Quintus of Vitos Minions resting as the battle rages on.

Written by: Uilleam Friseal

Mist hung over the battlefield along with dark ominous clouds. Horns signaled the beginning of battle was near and combatants swarmed to take their positions. Seconds before the cannon fired, a craze of war cries and chanting began, everyone was ready for the final battle.
Both armies raced to meet each other, single soldiers reached the breach points and began fighting immediately followed by waves of their allies meeting with a thunderous clash. Quickly, the Grand Alliance took control of the first breach point. Few fighters are left at the breach to maintain control, as the rest of the survivors moved forward in an attempt to flank their enemy at another breach.
In an attempt to keep the fight going, holds are called at each breach when needed. However, all fighting stopped for a medical hold as EMS entered the field. The field erupts in cheers as the fallen fighter returns to his feet and is escorted off the field to rest.
Chaos resumed at the contested breach points once the hold was lifted. With only a small number of fighters were able to attack through the breach, archers and siege engine operators began to launch full attacks in an attempt to thin the lines.
After some time, the Allied Kingdoms regrouped at the only non contested point and launched a powerful counter attack that managed to bring the fight back to the breach point. The attack was soon met by a charge from Grand Alliance reinforcements, who managed to punch a hole in the lines of their enemies, and regain control of the point.
This battle quickly became a stalemate as reinforcements from both armies reached the frontlines too quickly for archers to keep up. Flag stands began to break as the fighting only became more ferocious, fighters attempting to plant the flag were quickly squashed. Before long there were no standing flags, but the combat raged on just as strongly.
On opposite sides of the field, both armies employed similar tactics as large unit shield formations charged and took opposing breach points. The center breach is another story, as neither army was able to mount a successful attack, the point remained contested until the end.
As time ran low, combat became more vicious and it was clear that fighters began to give everything they had left. However, when the cannon fired and dust settled there were only two flags standing. One for the Allied Kingdoms, and one for the Grand Alliance.

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