War is Upon Us

By Uilleam Friseal
Battlefield Reporter, PI

With Peace Week at an end, War is about to begin. Many events are scheduled this year on and off the battlefield, some of which are new and some are celebrating special anniversaries.
New and long standing events are being held from as early as 9 am and ending as late as 10 pm. Heavy fighting activities truly begin with the Dwarves and Giants competition, where fighters of no taller then 5 and-a-half feet are Dwarves, and fighters of no shorter than six and a quarter feet are Giants. Watch this battle and marvel as you find that size matters not!
Duke Timothy of Arindale and Master Illadore invite all heavy fighters to come practice those techniques you've learned since last Pennsic, and learn new ones to challenge your opponents.
New to this year is The Viking Raid. It will be a fictional raid for fighters of Eastern Norse personas against those of Western Norse personas. Combatants will undergo a garb inspection to ensure period accuracy. Even spectators are asked to wear this though it is not required. Fighters be warned, controlled body contact is permitted. It is intended to aid in the depiction of a more accurate Viking raid. Also be sure to bring an item of loot in order to participate. Watch for the trading center at Runestone Hill following the Battle.
Tarl's Little Polearm Tourney is celebrating its 13th year. Come out and test your luck and your skill against your fellow polearm fighters in this bear-pit style tournament.
Those with a penchant for endless fighting should find themselves at the Kamikaze Battle, where unlimited resurrections reign supreme.
War Point battles start with the Unbelted Champions Battle, which is a Last Fighter Standing event with 1 War Point pass and one for no points. Following this is the Belted Champions, also a Last Fighter Standing event, but with only the single War Point pass. The Allied Champion Battle follows the Belted Battle. It will include over 140 fighters on the field for a full hour-long Capture the Flag style Battle. There will be resurrection and substitutions allowed for the Allied Champions Battle. The first battle to give multiple War Points is the The Heroic Champions Battle. Fighting in separate 1v1 lists, there will be heavy armored combatants for 1 War Point and rapier combatants for 2 War Points. The Rapier Melee Champions, fighting for 2 War Points, with a grand total of 9 passes separated between 3 heats, will be a Last Fighter Standing event where death from behind is permitted. There are also two full Field War Point battles where fighters will compete for a total of 9 War Points.
The Known World Novice Championship is for fighters with less than two years' experience in heavy combat who want to fight against those with a similar skill level.
Also, the Combat of the Thirty is a 14th century 30 v 30 battle inspired by the original combat of thirty between French and English in 1351. Just like other reenactment battles at Pennsic, there are several kit requirements fighters must adhere to, including a piece of 'ransom' they must be willing to pay to their captors.
The Atlantian 10 Fighter Unbelted Melee will be a round robin event for all European unbelts.
The Greatest Tournament: William Marshal Ransom is an ongoing celebration of the 800th anniversary of The MarshalÕs death. This battle will feature fighters of French personas between 1000 and 1500AD. Fighters are asked to ensure they have an item for Ransom worth between $5 and $20.
The Tuchux Charity Bear Pit Tournament and Silent Auction is always an exciting event. Come out and watch the brutality of random weapon draws and no shields while bidding on items at the auction. All proceeds from the event are being donated to the Epilepsy Foundation of Western Central, PA.
Hopefully the rain won't interrupt the Woods Battles as they offer a total of 13 War Points between the heavy armored and the rapier battles. There are no places for spectators at this battle. If you want to see any of the action you'll need to volunteer as a water bearer.
The Baronial Armored Champion's Tournament is open to all Baronial Champions, Landed Barons and Baronesses are encouraged to bring a chair and help choose a new Baronial Champion for Pennsic 47.
Calling all Knowne World Roses, Diamonds, Edelwiess, as well as all sitting Queens, and Princesses! In the Ladies of the Rose Tournament, each Rose sponsors one unbelted heavy fighter and one non-MOD/White Scarf duelist. It will be a Bedford points event to maximize the number of bouts for each fighter.
The Greybeard Tournament is always a spectacle of immense skill and honor. Fighters of 50 years of age or higher should find themselves here for a great day. Young fighters are also encouraged to watch and find out the depth of knowledge and respect the Greybeards have.
The Squires of the Known World Tournament is open to all heavy armored fighters who are in fealty to a member of the SCA Order of Chivalry.
AEthelmearc is hosting a Youth/Adult Tag Team Tournament. This will be two separate, parallel tournaments where the youth fighters will be separated by division. There will be teams of one youth fighter from divisions 1-3 and one adult heavy fighter. In this competition, youths fight youths and adults fight adults. Prizes will be awarded to each division's winning team.
The Armored Bridge Battle is worth a total of 6 War Points. It will be an hour-long and will be decided by scores given during time checks that the Marshalls will call at random to avoid chaos as the time dwindles.
All heavy fighters of a Japanese persona should make time for the annual Empire of the Sun Battle.
The final War Points battles for heavy armored and rapier combat are worth a total of 9 War Points. There will be two separate stages; one for heavy armored fighters and one for rapier fighters. Each stage will have two passes, one for defense and one for offense. The attacking fighters have unlimited resurrections while defenders only have two. Stages for both heavy armored and rapier will have separate scenarios with victory conditions.