Unclassifieds 8-4-18

20 Years of Celtic Bardic, WOW! Tues! Bards Haven E19 Feast and Gifts for all as usual.
The Laurel Vigil of THL Aurelia Rosetti, painter, will be Sunday 5 Aug at Newbridge Encampment (N08) 7pm-11pm.
Vardo Design Round Table for builders and dreamers. Construction techniques, roofs, trailers, siding, etc. Sun Aug 5 11 am at Dancing Pig, 16 Bow St.
Gish Gish Gish Sat @ noon. Meet at Info Point to do imposs teaparts, human pinball, pillow fight, chain belly laugh, etc. Gish.
12 Step Meeting 4:00 PM Daily at Denys the Decadent’s Camp EO7 Off Great Eastern Highway. Look for 12 Steppe Sign. AA, NA, OA, SA, Alanon, All Welcome
7th Annual Depressing Song Competition Aug 6th 5pm at the PAT. Sign up at Moongate Designs.

For Sale
Pennsic Music Sampler CD! New music for 2018 from Thomas Bordeaux, Rosalind Jehannel, Aneleda Falconbridge, Efenwealt Wystle, and more. Proceeds directly benefit the artists. $16.98 Camelot Treasures Booth 30 for all your favorite bards.
Are your feet looking for their sole mates? Come see us at Medieval Moccasins, Booth #140 on Battle Road.
For Sale- Medieval Moccasins old selling tent. Panther 15x20. Fair Condition. Ridge & Center poles 12 of 20 edge poles $800 OBO. See Klaus Booth #140 on Battle Road.
Pennsic 47 Tshirts! Bayuex Tapestry Booth 90. $13 or 2 for $22(3XL & 4xXL $2 more). Credit Cards accptd.
Period Pavilions for sale and rent. 1 available on site now, 11 more available at end of war. Space 28.
Hauberk with attached coif and aventail, slightly tailored. Medium size made/worn by a knight. sp 28.
Mannequins & Dummies - merchants, garb sells faster displayed on a mannequin. Mediaeval Misc, Space 28.
Loom (4 shaft/6 treadle), spinning wheel. Celtic motif cotton fabric from Belfast, Ireland. 1000 yards other fabrics. Mediaeval Miscellanea, space 28.
Recurve bow -45# right hand $150 Camp Greenwood E18
Dodge Caliber ‘11 good cond. 162K $3500 734-883-9893. Grey Uptown-loaded, reliable, good tires.
Son of Sandlar Boots, black & burg, size ladies 10M (41). Worn twice. Asking $275. Farasha at Full Circle, 732-666-1390.
See us at site 48 for the only horse and white wolf tails. Special on shelf bracket, viking chairs and quality garb. Or just come and look. 20x24 New Marquee at Pennsic Canvas $1800 or my deluxe package for $2600. See at site 48. The Crossing.
My Alchemist has achieved the transformation of form and left this mortal plane. But he’s left me all his stuff. The sale is at Garb by Loren 166 Fleet St.
Library sale. Non-fiction. 166 Fleet St.
New! More Valkyries, Books, Jewelry supplies #93 The Treasury Street of Gold
If you made a purchase @ Merchant #20 Sheep Thrills Aug 1-2, we had a problem with our CC reader. Please check in w/us ASAP if you bought a shawl or belt.
Free 5 by 7 tarps. Bards Haven E19.
Wearable Unicorn horns! Sparkly and fun. Space 37.
Fresh Henna paste mixed on-site daily! All natural,darkest stain! Powder and oils too. Space 37
Authencity is our thing at The Treasury #93
Drums hennaed - also people! Paisly Peacock space 37.
Delicious loose leaf teas by Tea and Absinthe, only at Materialis on Street of Gold, Space 87.
Lightweight embroidered Tunics, $20, at Materialis
Knives sharpened, repaired, sheaths made. Sharp Pointy Things, space 13.
Gambesons, Wool Cloaks, Robes. Sharp Pointy Things merchant 13.
Vintage war games & rules, vintage mounted medieval posters, tapestries from Belguim. Wood bowls, silver & pewter goblets & mugs. Garb, new & used. Books 10% off, toys & dolls 20% off, & more. Space 28
Pokemon Go Players- Want to trade regionals? Coordinate @ Merchant #40, Tomas the Lapdary. Be discreet, please.
Need a gift for your pet/house sitter? Hand turned wood pens at Neverland Designs #121.
Kids garb. Most in 100% cotton. Neverland Design #121.
Linen Viking Aprons. Size small-3X. $66. Neverland Designs #121.
Want to send a message? Tygresark Poetry & Black Dragon Society can write the message of your heart & brain & deliver them to your loved/hated ones. Heroic Odes; Love Sonnets; Dirty Limericks; & Hate Haiku all available. Multiple languages, Translation available, or musical accompaniment for a small fee. Tell your friends. Or we will.
Costumes by Loren has changed it’s name to Garb by Loren. Same business, same space, new name. 166 Fleet St.

Help Wanted
Wanted: PA Accountant/CPA Call Joseph 317-946-3000.
Wanted: Strong Arms to run rolling mill. Paid piecework. Inquire @ Merchant #40 Tomas the Lapidary.
Lost & Found
Lost my upper torso aluminum lamalar armor black 550 cord lacing. Has a Black Boars Inn leather tag on front. I will provide a substantial Reward! 814-229-0147 E30 Nightshade.
The Twentieth Memorial Ship will sail Thursday, August 9, Thor willing. Paint shields at White Wolf & the Phoenix, 120 Plunder Lane.
Claus the Toymaker has left the site, and will not be returning to Pennsic 47. His Pennsic 47 T-shirts will be available at Viking Archery Supply (#12) and Mediaeval Miscellanea(#28) for the rest of War.

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