Rapier Report

Photo by Seᾴn Sreamach
Master Illadore de Bedgrayne of Æthlemearc striking the winning blow against Iskender bey Al-Instanbuli.

By: Ashelyn Ironwood
Rapier Reporter, PI
Today, the Rapier champions of both Eastern and Middle Kingdoms met on the battlefield to represent their lieges in honorable combat. Before the fighting began, Her Majesty Queen Caoilfhionn of the East presented the Queen’s Order of Courtesy to Her Highness Una for bravery of the highest caliber. After this award was presented, the champions were ready to begin the single combat only to be delayed by a storm cell that threatened to end the battle before they could lift their weapons. Fortunately the storm dispersed and the field was deemed acceptable to fight.
The singles combat lasted two hours as the fights alternated between heavy and rapier fighters. In total, 18 single battles were fought between the East and the Middle. The final count of victories was 7 victories for the Middle and 11 victories for the East, which gave them the first rapier point of the War.

Champion’s Rapier Melee
Rapier fighters met again on the battlefield to prove their worth in melee combat right after the singles combat. The melee was structured so that there were three clashes between the Middle and East kingdoms exclusively in 15 vs 15, last man standing melees. The East swept the first three battles and claimed victory with honor. The next three battles were formatted the same way, only with the Allied forces taking the field. Following the East’s example, their allies swept through the battlefield and claimed the victories. The final battle was a 30 vs 30 between the kingdoms and their allies. In the end, the East took both War Points in total victory.

Cut and Thrust Early Period Tourney
The Cut and Thrust Triathlon began today with the Cut and Thrust Early Period Tourney. Fighters with blades that would be commonly found in the first half of the 16th century gathered to take a place in this round-robin style tournament. Every fighter would find a partner and gather at the lists for their turn in combat. Each had a score card to keep track of points gathered during each bout. The system awarded points for types of blows: 3 points for a kill without being injured, 2 points for disabling your opponent without taking an injury personally, and 1 point for a kill shot while injured yourself. After two hours of combat with 20 fighters, the final round fell between Master Christain Fournier of the Barony of Ayrton and Master Clewin of Æthlemearc. Master Clewin emerged victorious after three rounds with Master Christian. Master Tedesco da Venezia of the Middle reported that since this was only the first part of the Cut and Thrust Triathlon there would be two more individual winners for the next two events and one overall winner of the Triathlon determined by total average of points at the end.