My Interview with Greebo

myinterviewwithgreebo (1).jpg

Photo taken by Uilleam of Clan Friseal (Middle)

By Protégé Evelyn Grace Friseal
Aminal Reporter, PI
I got to meet Greebo! He was really nice, but we couldn’t talk for long this time. I told him that I love his house and his Pennsic, and he told me that he loves his Pennsic too, but this year has been wet and he doesn’t like that. I don’t either. He likes the bright sky ball more than I do, but we both agree that the cold houses are the best after a really hot day. I told him about my brothers and how much they look like him, I asked what kind of dog he was, but he told me he was a cat. I got confused. He said I should come back and he would explain it to me when there’s less people around who want to give him love.
I was also on the big field with all the shiny people with sticks. It was REALLY hot. My dad sprayed me with a hose and made me lay in the shade. I was cool for a while, but then I got hot again. I hope all the shiny people and their sticks are ok, they smell like hard work and being tired. They should have their dads spray them with a hose, I bet that would make them feel a little better like it did for me.