Zen Warrior Ladies’ Tournament

Photo by Seᾴn Sreamach Celestria Alexandre of Atlantia vs. Marta de Lyon of Atlantia during the Zen Warrior Pennsic Ladies’ Tournament

By: Ashelyn Ironwood and Celiedh Erikdottir
Rapier Reporter, PI
The Zen Warrior Ladies’ Tournament got off to a unique start this morning. At 9:45am, four ladies had already arrived fifteen minutes early, eager to sign up, but with no organizers in sight. Unfortunately it was discovered that the original organizers would not be able to make it, so volunteers jumped in at the last moment to ensure the tourney went on as planned. Professor Pieter van Doorn of the Middle Kingdom, in attendance as a spectator, took over as organizer and was able to enlist Lord Cyrus of Æthelmarc and Master Kai Tseng of the Middle Kingdom as marshals for the tourney. The tournament was styled as a combination of bear pit and round robin tournament divided between two lists. Nineteen fighters were in attendance, and fighters were each assigned a number. One list had 10 combatants, and one list had nine. The fighters began by facing off with their opposite numbers. For example number one faced off with number nine, two with eight, and so on. After each bout, they reported the winner, and then went on to fight the next number in their sequence. The lady Poppy of the Midrealm called the tournament a “meat grinder” because of the heat and the constant engagement of opponents.
A brief interlude was taken halfway through the intense fighting in order for all to attend the initial charge at the heavy weapons field battle. This was not regretted, as many from the ladies’ tourney, combatant and spectator alike, were pleasantly impressed with the enthusiasm and initiative shown on the field. Once the initial charge on the field battle had been witnessed, the ladies returned with swift purpose to their own intense tournament, and concluded it ahead of expectation at approximately noon.
Once all combatants had faced off against the entire field, the number of total wins was tallied for each entrant, and the top two combatants from each field with the most wins faced off against each other. The four fighters who emerged from the first rounds to face each other in the final round were Warder Francesca de Felice, Lady Alexandra d’Amiens, Lady Nyvein of Atlantia and Lady Symone de la Rochelle of Atlantia.
When Warder Francesca faced off with Lady Symone, the bout was called with no clear victor and had to be refought. However, Warder Francesca de Felice of the Middle kingdom claimed the overall victory, with Lady Alexandra d’Amiens of Altantia taking a close second. Professor Pieter then awarded both Warder Francesca and Lady Alexandra with gift certificates to Zen Warrior Armory, located at space 31 on the Street of Dreams near Penn Market.
While the turnout for this year’s tournament was lower than in previous years, there were many remarks that the level of skill shown by today’s combatants more than compensated for the smaller numbers. The turnout saw many fighters from the East, Atlantia, and the Middle, but some notable entrants from farther across the Known World were the Lady Merione all the way from Lochac with her unique blade named “Tiny Elephant”, and Her Majesty, Queen Asney of Avacal.
At the end, all the volunteers were thanked for taking the initiative to provide an enjoyable tourney to all those in attendance. There will be another ladies’ tournament on Thursday at 3pm.