Fight to the Death

Battle Picture.jpg
Photo by Seᾴn Sreamach
Combatants throwing, trying to break Black Talon’s resilient shieldwall during the Field Battle.

By Uilleam of Clan Friseal
Battlefield Reporter, PI

The air was buzzing with excitement as fighters convened under shade and on the edges of the battlefield. They took their positions, then a cannon blast marked the start of battle. Combatants of both armies formed tight units and forced the fight to spread across the whole field. These tight formations held for some time until they began to pinwheel across the battlefield. The Eastern forces were slowly broken down until finally the Midrealm took down its final foe and claimed victory for the first pass and the first available War Point.
For the second pass, the air gradually filled with the sound of fighters on both sides counting down until the cannon fired. Both armies marched in tight formation. The East reached the center of the field where they were commanded to halt and wait for Midrealm forces to meet them. Following an extended standoff, the order was given for the armies of the Midrealm to charge where they met the Eastern fighters with a furious clash which rapidly caused the battle to be pushed to all corners of the field. Numbers dwindled until only a single group in the middle of the field was left fighting. After some time, Midrealm fighters struck down their final foe and won the second pass and the second War Point.
At the start of the third pass, a small battalion of Eastern fighters sprinted to meet their enemies near their starting point. They were quickly dismantled and both armies exploded toward each other. They met like waves of steel and began spilling out the sides of the battlefield. The forces of Middle and East pushed back and forth for some time until, eventually, Middle Kingdom took down the final Eastern fighter and were declared victorious in the third pass and the third War Point.
The armies marched slowly until just a short distance remained. That’s when the fighters of the Midrealm charged to meet the East. Arrows flew overhead and took down untold numbers of fighters. Slowly, formations began to dwindle until just one group remained fighting. Lines were reformed and both sides charged. With numbers in their favor, the East struck down all standing enemies and won the fourth pass and the fourth War Point.
Moments before the final battle, a fighter from each army met on the field for a duel. After an mighty exchange of blows, the Midrealm fighter was struck down. Both fighters embraced and returned to their units for the start of battle. At the cannon, a single Midrealm fighter sprinted across the field to meet the foe singlehandedly. An Eastern fighter met him with a heavy hand, and following an epic display the Midrealm fighter was struck down in glory. Following the single assault, the armies approached slowly until a charge was called on all sides, causing the field to erupt with the sound of weapons on armor. The lines splintered and pinwheeled until just two groups remained fighting on the field, one on each side. Midrealm fighters were preoccupied with the battle raging on the Eastern lines, but on their own side of the field just a small battalion held the East at bay. It took some time, but eventually the Eastern armies were able to take down the final Midrealm soldier to claim the final War Point.