The Woods Come to Life

Photo by Seᾴn Sreamach
Heavy Combatents during the Woods War Points Battle

By Uilleam of clan Friseal
Battlefield Reporter, PI

The woods were buzzing with excitement. Fighters were filing in to convene with commanders, some of whom travel great distances just to fight in this battle, while others dread it most of all. The trek into the woods took much out of many fighters; water bearers were already working hard to ensure all present were hydrated. As the start of battle drew near, battalions formed around commanders to hear orders and words of encouragement.
Cannon fire marked the start of battle, but it was a whisper compared to the clash of weapons on armor that echoed throughout the woods. From the resurrection point, flashes of the fighting were visible. Sounds of fighting filled the air, war cries to take formation, and lines clashing as they charged. For some time, there was a steady flow of fighters getting to resurrection point and immediately turning around to head back into the fray. At times the fighting was so ferocious that the sounds of swords on shields was reminiscent of gunfire.
Resurrections began to take much longer as fighters needed time to recuperate before heading back to the depths of the woods. The fighting was so divided in the forest that those resting told tales of sections of battle that others had never seen. The trees themselves claimed several fighters as branches swayed and were tripped on. One knight was even poked in the eye, leaving him unable to resume battle. Commanders became frustrated with their allies as many ignored the discussed strategy simply to fight how they wished.
With the half point of the battle approaching, many began returning to regroup with their battalions for a heavy charge. Then a medical hold was called to clear a fighter from the field. Roads were quickly cleared and the battle resumed as soon as EMS had left the woods. Fighters began to count down for the second half of battle, charging as a large unit into the forest. Once again, the two armies met with explosive force, the sounds echoing through the trees.
With time starting to run low, combatants began to run to and from resurrection point, trying to get in as much fighting as possible. Others took the opposite approach and began to remove armor. Just before the end of battle, a marshal from the field came running to resurrection point and requested EMS. As the cannon fired to end the battle, a fighter made his way out of the woods holding his wrist with blood on his tabard. EMS quickly rushed him away, and an escort of his compatriots followed on foot.
Following discussion with the marshals it was determined that The East took 5 out of 7 of the War Points available.

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