Evelynn and Florian on OG

By Protégé Evelynn and Lady Florian
Aminal Reporter, For the Pennsic Independent

I got to meet OG this year! Lady Florian introduced me and helped me interview him. He told me I should try something called “OOOzo and Hohos.” But Florian said dogs shouldn’t have any. It didn’t smell that good anyway. He told me that the Pennsic Independent throws them at people walking by the OG Party during Midnight Madness. That doesn’t seem very nice, but OG is nice and he does it, so it must be ok.
My human always laughs at things OG writes in the paper and now I know why. He’s funny! He told us that he has written over 200 articles on a lot of different things. I don’t even know what 200 is! He told me that he has been writing for 20 years, that’s more than I can count on my paws. I tried to count, OG laughed about that then scratched my ears. I like the way he laughs. I can tell it makes other humans happy.
We found out that both of our birthdays are during Pennsic! Mine is on August 1st, and his is on August 3rd. We love that. Pennsic birthday parties are the best!
Florian asked him what he likes best about Pennsic. He said being OG is the best. He also likes talking to people, pretty ladies, and the sound of coins on silk. He also told us that the way people treat each other makes Pennsic very special. Pennsic only happens because people volunteer to make it happen. He said the Coopers are very special, too, because of all the things they do to give us what we need, like showers and water and toilets. I will have to tell Greebo how special his family is to OG and everybody else here.
OG had to go back to his other house in the morning. He said that he had to make a year-long Town Run. That made people at the PI sad, but he said he will be back next year.
I asked if there was anything he wanted before he left. He said, “BEER!” but I didn’t have any of that, so I just gave him lots of kisses instead! He likes kisses from pretty ladies, and he said that I am a very pretty lady. After my Mom and Dad and my Pelican, Heirusalem, OG is my new favorite person.