Unclassifieds 8-10-18

Contest Results
The winner of Arastorm’s Merchant Appreciation Award for Pennsic 47 is Auntie Arwen’s Spices! Vivat!

CAN YOU CATCH THEM ALL? Starting Monday of War Week, be on the lookout for a young lady with a pokeball pouch. Each day, she will be dressed as a different medieval Pokemon. Find her and correctly guess each first-generation Pokemon to get a daily token. Turn in five unique daily tokens to earn a special prize! First gentle to do so will earn the special prize while at War! Happy Hunting!

Yes Please Touch! Chainmaille Steve invites you to come talk, touch, and learn about all the things you can do with chainmaille. It’s more than just shirts. Sitting outside Kafe Merhaba every day 9ish to 4ish.

For Sale
New! More Valkyries, Books, Jewelry supplies #93 The Treasury Street of Gold
Authenticity is our thing at The Treasury #93
Wearable Unicorn horns! Sparkly and fun. Space 37.
Drums hennaed - also people! Paisly Peacock space 37.
Are your feet looking for their sole mates? Come see us at Medieval Moccasins, Booth #140 on Battle Road.
Delicious loose leaf teas by Tea and Absinthe, only at Materialis on Street of Gold, Space 87.
The Brave, the Bold, the Caffienated! 20% off Gryffindor loose leaf tea, at Materialis, space 87.
Period Pavilions - new & used, for sale and rent. 1 on site for immediate delivery, 11 more at end of war. Custom Pavillions - colors, intricate shapes & faux-buildings our specialty. Details & free catalog at Mediaeval Miscellanea, Space 28.
Vintage war games & rules, vintage mounted medieval posters, tapestries from Belguim. Wood bowls, silver & pewter goblets & mugs. Garb, new & used. Books 25% off, toys & dolls 25% off, & more. Space 28
Hauberk with attached coif and aventail, slightly tailored. Medium size. Made/worn by a knight. Sp 28.
Mannequins & Dummies - merchants, garb sells faster displayed on a mannequin. Mediaeval Misc, Space 28.
Spinning wheel. Celtic motif cotton fabric from Belfast, Ireland. 1000 yards other fabrics. Cotton Velveteen 25% off. Mediaeval Miscellanea, space 28.
Need a gift for your pet/house sitter? Hand turned wood pens at Neverland Designs #121.
Kids garb. Most in 100% cotton. Neverland Design #121.
Linen Viking Aprons. Size small-3X. $66. Neverland Designs #121.
My Alchemist has achieved the transformation of form and left this mortal plane. But he’s left me all his stuff. The sale is at Garb by Loren 166 Fleet St.
Library sale. Non-fiction. 166 Fleet St.
Costumes by Loren has changed its name to Garb by Loren. Same business, same space, new name. 166 Fleet St.
18x18 Panther Pavillion with floor. On battlefield to see 234-788-7337 $1,600.
Looking for Chainmail Jewelry? Visit Graybarr’s Archery. Check out Elfrhys Designs Space 92.
Sale: Youth bows starting at $20. Greybarr Trad. Archery, 92.
For Sale: Used Pavillon 12’x14’ all ropes, poles & stakes included. Roof needs to be resealed. $200 or best offer. Don’t want to take it home. See it at Greybarr Trad. Archery, 92.
Tenmari books for sale. Many authors. Space 37.
20x20 Traders Tent $700.00 w/ropes, poles, stakes. Merch Space 4. Avail Sat 11th AM.
14FT Yurt For Sale. Needs some repair. $700 or best offer. Inquire with Crow @ Black Talon @ E18. Please txt 412-526-7688.
For Sale: 20 ft Geodesic dome frame. $200 or best offer. See Morgan Wolfsinger @ Moongate Designs, St of Gold Booth 90.
Ohana means family. You know what else means family? Pennsic. 10% off Ohana Tea @ Materialis. #87.
We’re still mad with too much stuff! Prices slashed through end of war! Medieval Miscellanea, @#28.
Tent repair supplies on site, incl. carport joints. Waterproofing, seam sealer, stakes, emergency grommets, much more. Medieval Miscellanea, space 28.
14x14 Center pole marquee tent. Canvas & center pole only. 7 foot walls. Fair to good condition $400. Merchant space #118. Ask for Drogo. Avail Sat.
One canvas pavilion 12x16 with awning, sunroof, and mudflaps. The poles and ropes are included. $500. Come take a look. It is located at N05 - Sign of The Rampet Dragon. It has held up well through all kinds of storms. The canvas is in great shape, and the sunroof lets all the hot air out during the day. Don’t miss out on this great deal! Stop by today!
Two 6-foot collapsible trestle tables $50 w/4 benches. All pine stained/sealed light tops. 4 yrs old, used only at Pennsic. Have some slight warping. All collapsible. Avail. Saturday. Text Gwynn 847-404-8927.
20x24 Panther new at Pennsic, canvas only. $1700. Deluxe package $2700. Site 48. 724-421-5394.
Viking Wedge Tent- Panther 7x8x7 green. Excellent canvas. Almost new $600 or best offer- Camelot Treasures #30.
For Sale: 9x12 oval pavilion. See @ Bleu Unicorn. #183.
10x20 Max Ap (2 inch frame) Canopy. Includes instruction manual, all parts for assembly & white tarp roof $200 OBO 269-781-2484.
Panther marquis 20x20 with floor 13 oz sunforger in like-new condition in B08 Rome Camp. Take it home $2400 OBO 571-235-6432

If you made a purchase @ Merchant #20 Sheep Thrills Aug 1-2, we had a problem with our CC reader. Please check in w/us ASAP if you bought a shawl or belt.
“NO” means “NO”! This goes for alcohol as well as sex.
Are you a Chi Omega? I would love to know if I have any SCAdian Sisters. If you are a chi-o, email me at jjcaitlynnschultz98@gmail.com.
Three Swans Inn Scientific research would like to announce that after measuring 444 women, that witches’ bosoms are one-half a degree cooler than non-witches’ bosoms.

Help Wanted
Armstreet looking for two strong individuals to help with booth striking and packing at Saturday, who are willing to work for cash or store credit (very reasonable compensation).
Breakdown help needed. 11-5 Friday; 10-5 on Sat. Flex hours, good pay, food & drink. Med. Misc. sp28
Carpenter Wanted, job at Cooper’s Lake before winter. cellio@pobox.com or visit Polyhymnia, N10.
Help wanted for pack up Friday nite. Cash or goods. Site 48, 742-421-5394.
Professional Electrician needed for 1-2 hours. Paid work. Maison Rive, merchant space #24.
Laborer looking for tear-down work starting from Friday thru the weekend. Takes cash donations. Please text or call 240-405-4163.

Lost & Found
Amber cabochon pendant with greyhound & butterfly carved from back. Lost around the lake. REWARD. text 423-530-3224.

It’s been said that ‘A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.’ Thank you for dreaming together!
To all of Never, Never in W-10, and especially to the one in the round period tent, have a great Pennsic. I wish I could be there. Love Dad.