Final Flight

Written by Lady Máirin Ó Nialláin. Excerpts taken from the written interview of Mistress Lorelei Greenleafe, oral interviews of Aduke Ayoka Opo, Roewynne Langley, and others.

In the recent past, the Society has lost many pillars of our community. This article focuses on the archery community in specific. In the last two years we have lost several archers who left their mark across the Society. These men spent many endless hours dedicating themselves to the archery community in many and various ways.

Baron Christophe of Grey was one of these men. Known to his friends as CoG, Christophe started his journey in the SCA in the Kingdom of Trimaris. Originally, he was heavily involved in the performing arts. Eventually, he and his Lady, Baroness Eleanor of Grey, began working together with the combat archery community there, and created highly trained and effective combat archery teams. CoG possessed a deep passion for teaching others. His passion for archery, under the guidance and leadership of Earl Mica, led him to build a strong and unique archery community in Atlantia, most specifically southern Atlantia. The archery community that he built focused on running events, holding competitions, and reviving the Phoenix Guard - the Barony of Sacred Stone’s archery guard. Along with Mistress Lorelei Greenleafe he created the Southern Atlantian Archery Day (SAAD) the highly successful, premiere archery event in the southeast.

CoG was a natural born teacher. He taught how to make arrows, quivers, bow strings, and leather crafting. He held weekly archery practices, and always encouragied others to excel. CoG built and nurtured Community. He helped others to see their own potential, and then act on it. He was on the Pennsic Champions Archery team for many years, served as Deputy Earl Marshal for Archery in Atlantia, and was the Pennsic Independent's Archery Reporter for 15 years.

Master Neko Me was a large part of the Midrealm archery community for well over 25 years. He started in the SCA in 1989 and was involved in archery from the very beginning. He never missed a year on the Pennsic War Archery Champions team, and he served as Archer General of the Midrealm for several years. When the Midrealm separated their Archer General position into multiple positions, he then served as the Archer General of Pennsic Archery for many years. Neko Me was one of the principle inductees into the Order of the Greenwood Company and held the archery rank of Dragon Archer for a Royal Round average of over 105. He was awarded his peerage as a Pelican for his service to the archery community.

Neko Me actively participated in the Society's Inter Kingdom Archery Competitions (IKAC). He enjoyed shooting a variety of bow types, including occasionally shooting with a crossbow. He had a zeal and passion for teaching and was a kind and generous man. He always found a way to help others, and never missed a chance to do so. He knew no strangers, was easy to talk to, and knew just how to handle most any situation with ease and grace.

Rask Ulfbjorn was granted his AoA in 1988 and was probably best known at Pennsic as the merchant who owned Viking Archery. Rask was very active among the members of his local group, was actively involved in teaching youth archery, and was always donating tournament prizes to the archery communities; both locally and at Pennsic. He took pride in serving the archery community, and was passionate about, traveled across the Known World to hundreds of events to provide the archery community with a place to get much needed, quality supplies.

Master Arinwald Rotstein received his peerage in 2000 and was a member of the Greenwood Company. He was a member of the Midrealm Pennsic Archery team many times. He was a well-respected archer and was very well known on the thrown weapons field.

Their skill as archers, their sense of duty and service to the archery community, the Society as a whole, their commitment to their specific disciplines, and their kind and generous spirits will forever live on through the legacies they have left behind. They will forever be missed and counted among our very best. May their final flights live in in our hearts forever and guide us in the spirit of the Dream we all share.