The Quest for Rose

The Pennsic Independent relies upon a number of modern devices in order to provide its service. These devices (and those who use them) must be protected from the elements and heat.

For the last 16 years, the “back office” has been housed in a converted camper, affectionately named Gertrude. The years have not been kind to Gertrude, and this year, her back end was ripped open and she was attacked by raccoons, who destroyed much of what was stored in her. This is her last Pennsic.

A new home for PI is already in the works. Lord Grizzly, our Logistics Coordinator and Morale Officer, began building our new trailer, a lovely vardo named Rose.

We need your help to ensure that Rose comes home to Pennsic next year. Thus, we began the Quest for Rose. Any assistance at all is appreciated. Please help us create her and get her here! Tokens for those who assist are available at The Pennsic Independent offices today until 5:00. More information about Rose, her story, and photos of her progress, as well as ways to help are available at Assistance also accepted (as well as subscriptions to PI) at

PI has been blessed by the support of so many over the years. We look forward to showing off a completed Rose to our readers next year! Thank you all so much!

Despotissa Heirusalem Crystoma, OP

Publisher for The Pennsic Independent

And the cast of thousands who make this possible every year!!!