Battlefield Report

Duchess Elina of Beckenham
Battlefield Reporter, PI

The Armored Bridge battles were held Thursday afternoon. The Crowns conferred a few moments before the battles began and changed the rule about being able to fire archery from one bridge to another. Still wanting to keep archery in play to provide as much fun as possible, archers were still in the first two scenarios. They could only fire from the bridge they were on, or adjacent bridges if they were on the shore. Causing only a minor delay, the battles kicked off at 2:15 for the first of four contests.
The first allowed all siege and archery and kept everyone on their toes as missiles flew. The Midrealm overwhelmed the East with the first of four points going to the Middle. The second battle brought archery to the field again, though only to the face this time, and left the seige off the field. Again, the Middle took the battle handily. The Midrealm Crown, in an effort to make sure that the fighting was the most enjoyable possible, offered the Eastern Crown some of his best units to even the numbers. His Eastern Majesty graciously accepted the balancing of sides to provide the hardest fights possible.

In the second two battles, neither of which sported missile weapons, there were some medical holds that gave everyone a chance to introduce themselves to their worthy foes, shake hands, share a (non-alcoholic) drink, and talk about the fighting. Afterward, the East gained each of the bridges one by one, until they held the field in both of the last two engagements. Two points each for the Middle and the East, and some of the cleanest, well fought contests to date.

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