Children's Water Battle Rescue Hoped For

The economy and illness are attempting to take the Children’s Water Battle off the Pennsic schedule. Merriment is a hard thing to kill, though. Thanks to the efforts of Her Majesty of Aethelmearc, Tessa, the Pennsic Fort may still run wet with water this year.

After a heartbroken message from the Shadowclans was posted earlier today, Her Majesty Tessa went into action, calling for all who might come to her aid to ensure that the Water Battle would go on. Many immediately replied. “I already have 7 volunteers and $75 in funds... not bad for a few hours and not knowing the date,” Her Majesty stated at 1:30 pm today. Her Majesty and Shadow Clans are corresponding to determine how to make things work.

Master Johann, the Shadowclans mastermind behind the Children’s Water Battle, listed the many things, hours, and gentles needed for the battle. Nearly 300 children take place each year, and each receives a “treasure” after their certain victory. 40 adults man the Fort. Many parents are needed to assist the children. At least eight volunteers are needed to move water buckets, hoses, and other equipment. The “staging” for the battle begins the day prior to the battle, and the real work begins at 7:30 am the morning of Opening Ceremonies.

That date may change, as the battle had not been scheduled. Her Majesty Tessa is scheduling it today.

In the past, Shadowclans has been able to provide most of the staff and the approximately $700-$900 to provide this beloved activity. “This year, only about 15 of us are able to go to Pennsic, and most of them are children themselves.” Master Johann and his lady are two of those unable to attend. Shadow Clans is based in the Pentamere Region of the Middle Kingdom (Michigan), which is has been particularly hard hit by the modern recession.

Her Majesty Tessa had already planned a fund raiser for the Water Battle. Now she is hoping to keep it alive for Pennsic 39.

“My thought was to see if we can get 75 to 100 volunteers by this Sunday… and if possible $200 to $400 in cash donations, in addition to donated treasure. If we have pledges for that, by Sunday, we should have more by the time Pennsic opens and we should be set. My thought was realistically, if we don't have the numbers, by Sunday, we can't pull it off for this year. If we do have the numbers (I think we can do it), then I believe with the guidance of Shadowclans, we can make it happen.”

She has requested that those who would volunteer or who wish to donate contact her at tessathehuntress (at) comcast (dot) net.

Lady Kathereen Cain, Master Johann's right hand Lady, has a PayPal account for donations and is assisting Her Majesty with questions regarding volunteers and donations. For both PayPal donations and questions, please use kathereencain (at) yahoo (dot) com.

More will be posted here as it becomes known. Please come back to The Pennsic Independent for updates!


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