To All Subscribers of The Pennsic Independent

Greetings from Despotissa Heirusalem Crystoma, Publisher of The Pennsic Independent.

Due to the unreliability of the class of mail we have been using to post sets of The Pennsic Independent after the War, we have decided to offer another mailing option.

The size and weight of PI disqualifies it from First Class mail. The only other option available to us is Priority Mail. This is only available to US subscribers. The cost of this option will be $20. The advantage is that we can guarantee delivery of your PI set with this option.

If you have not had problems with the bulk class mailing we have been using, then that option is still available ($13 US). You can also purchase a PDF subscription (in color!) that you can print at your leisure or read on your computer ($7). Sets for pickup at Pennsic are still $9.

Due to the late date of the decision to provide this new option, it is not on our online subscription form. You can obtain this type of subscription by writing to with your full name, mailing address, and the number of sets you wish to order. (Each set is $20.) Payments can be made to PayPal to that same address. Your sets will be mailed when payment is received. Please direct questions to that same address.

We thank everyone for their patience and continued support!


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