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Pennsic Gate Entry Announcement

May 18, 2009 - Announcement regarding change in Pennsic War 38 gate entry (Troll) payment options.

The Pennsic War 38 staff has been notified that due to increasing fraud, Cooper's Lake Campground will no longer be able to accept Traveler's Checks or Money Orders to pay for entrance fees at Pennsic War. Only cash and credit cards will be accepted as methods to pay for your gate fees.
And, as always, personal checks will NOT BE ACCEPTED. Please adjust your plans as needed.

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OG Has Returned!

We just wanted to update folks so they don't worry. OG came home yesterday and is being pampered in his camp by many loving people. His job for the rest of Pennsic is to drink water, sit in his throne (either at the camp or at PI) with his leg up, and talk to people.

There is much more to this story. Many details and (hopefully) photos tomorrow!

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PI Publisher Makes OG SICK!!!

OG became ill while working at the Pennsic Independent on Monday afternoon. He is currently receiving good care at the hands of medical professionals and will hopefully return to Pennsic on Thursday.

Get well cards are available to create at Information Point, Beast and Boar, and The Pennsic Independent. You can also email Heirusalem at with get-well messages. We'll make sure he gets them (along with plenty of water and rest).


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