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Printing Problems Delay Mail Subscriptions

Despotissa Heirusalem Crystoma, Publisher of The Pennsic Independent sends her sincere apologies to those who subscribed to mail-home issues of the Pennsic newspaper and either received it late or have not yet received it.

We have had numerous problems with obtaining a quality product on time once we arrived home from Pennsic. Most issues were mailed two weeks ago, and all will be completed this week. If you do not receive your PIs within the next week, please contact the publisher at

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A Public Service Announcement From The Pennsic Independent:

Master Sir Gareth Sommerset from Caid, Duke Guillaume de la Belgique of Caid, and Graf Hans von Wolfholz remind the Pennsic Populace to volunteer some of their time to help Pennsic be a fun place for all of us. The Dishy Dynamic Trio helped out today by directing folks toward the parking lots from The Great Middle Highway. Being a chivalrous lot, they wish to remind all to park their cars as soon as they are unloaded. They would also hate to see their fellow gentles have to pay the additional expenses and go through the hassle of retrieving their autos from an off-site impound lot.


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Pennsic Firewood Information


Please be aware that the state of Pennsylvania has instituted a ban on the transportation of hardwood firewood into or out of the Pennsic area.

Do not bring firewood with you to Pennsic. Please use firewood purchased locally (at or near Pennsic) and do not take unused firewood home with you after War.

For exact details, please see the "Firewood Quarantine in Butler County" page on the Pennsic website.


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Pennsic 36 Blood Drive - Be a Hero, Save a Life at Pennsic War

Greeting good gentles of the Known World. The Pennsic War will soon be upon us, and while we are ‘playing war’ with our friends, many others are fighting one for their lives. Every blood donation is a chance to save a life, so please remember there will be a Red Cross blood drive at Pennsic War 36.

The 5th annual blood drive will take place on Friday, August 3rd and Monday, August 6th from 10:00am to 4:00pm at the Zion Baptist Church, 148 Curry Road, Slippery Rock, PA.

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