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Working desperately through many sleepless nights, Pennsic Independent IT Department head Lord Leifr (Barony of Concordia of the Snows, East) and Web Editor THL Beatrice de Winter (Barony of the Rhydderich Hael, Æthelmearc) have taken hammer and tongs to the old Pennsic Independent website and have given it a new and fresher look.

Gone is the previous pink background, which has been replaced with a calm ocean blue shading. Quite a few things have been rearranged in order to make them easier to locate.


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PI on the Move Again!

Due to expansion of the Pennsic Food Court, The Pennsic Independent is once again on the move.

Our new home is on the Great Middle Highway, at the top of Rune Stone Hill, next to the Middle Eastern Dance Tent. (Across from Rune Stone Park and the Middle Kingdom Encampment.) Please watch for The Pennsic Independent sign and banner with the black eagle.


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Behind the Scenes at the Pennsic Independent

by Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton

In five years as editor of Pennsic newspapers, I have often been asked what goes on behind the scenes. Trust me. You don’t want to know. We at the Independent guard our secrets better than most Peerage circles. Oh the tales I could tell…



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Midnight Madness Strikes the Pennsic Independent Again!

The Midnight Madness Shopping Guide was such a huge success, we've decided to do it again!

The section will be two pages of special Midnight Madness advertising appended to the Wednesday paper for convenient shopping. This will make it easy for shoppers to find just what they are looking for!

In order to give every merchant an opportunity to buy ad space in this special section, we are limiting the amount of space to four column inches per merchant. Space is available on a first-come, first served basis, so reserve yours early!


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Online Subscription Form

// Work around register_globals
while (list($name,$val) = each($_POST)) {
$$name = $val;

if ($next) {

// Check for required fields

$ErrMsg = "";

if (! $name) { $ErrMsg .= "Please enter your Modern Name
"; }
if (! $scaname) { $ErrMsg .= "Please enter your SCA Name
"; }
if ($ossub || $ossets) {

// Check for group camping with

if (! $group) { $ErrMsg .= "Please enter the name of the group you are camping with
"; }


if ($msetsus || $msetsca) {

// Check for mailing address

if (! $address1 || ! $city || ! $state || ! $postalcode || ! $country) {

$ErrMsg .= "Please enter your complete mailing address


if (! $ossub && ! $ossets && ! $msetsus && ! $msetsca && ! $pdfsets) {

$ErrMsg .= "Please choose at least one subscription option


if ($pdfsets && ! $email) {

$ErrMsg .= "Please enter your email address


if ($ErrMsg) {

// We have some missing fields

print '

Please correct the following errors:

' . $ErrMsg . "


include "1.inc.php";

} Else {

if (! $ossub) { $ossub = 0; }
if (! $ossets) { $ossets = 0; }
if (! $msetsus) { $msetsus = 0; }
if (! $msetsca) { $msetsca = 0; }
if (! $pdfsets) { $pdfsets = 0; }

$st_ossub = sprintf("$ %6.2f", $ossub * 5.25);
$st_ossets = sprintf("$ %6.2f", $ossets * 6);
$st_msetsus = sprintf("$ %6.2f", $msetsus * 9);
$st_msetsca = sprintf("$ %6.2f", $msetsca * 12);
$st_pdfsets = sprintf("$ %6.2f", $pdfsets * 6);

$grandtotal = sprintf("$ %6.2f", ($ossub * 5.25) + ($ossets * 6) + ($msetsus * 9) + ($msetsca * 12) + ($pdfsets * 6));

print <<< END

if ($extraadress) {
print <<< END

print <<< END

Please confirm your subscription information:
Modern Name: $name
SCA Name: $scaname:
Street Address: $address1
City: $city
State/Province: $state
Country: $country
Postal Code: $postalcode
Email Address: $email
Group Camping With: $group
Number of on-site subscriptions ($5.25): $ossub
Number of on-site sets ($6.00): $ossets
Number of PDF sets ($6.00): $pdfsets
Number of sets to be mailed (US, $9.00): $msetsus
Number of sets to mailed (Canada, $12.00): $msetsca
Additional Mailing Address
Subtotal, on-site subscriptions: $st_ossub
Subtotal, on-site sets: $st_ossets
Subtotal, PDF sets: $st_pdfsets
Subtotal, mailed sets, US: $st_msetsus
Subtotal, mailed sets, Canada: $st_msetsca
Grand Total: $grandtotal

} elseif ($finish) {

// build the sql statement

$sql = "insert into subscriptions values(NULL,'$name','$scaname','$address1','$address2','$city',";
$sql .= "'$state','$postalcode','$country','$email','$group',now(),$ossub,$ossets,$msetsus,$msetsca,";
$sql .= "'$pdfsets','$extraaddress',0,'no')";

// Database setup info. The user should have insert privs

$host = "localhost";
$dbname = "pennsicindependent_com";
$dbuser = "pi_com";
$dbpass = "6jcgGsP";

mysql_connect($host, $dbuser, $dbpass);


$results = mysql_query($sql);

$userid = mysql_insert_id();

if (mysql_affected_rows() < 1) {

print "

There was a problem saving your subscription


} else {

print "

Your subscription has been saved. Click the button below to pay via paypal



$grandtotal = sprintf("$%.2f", ($ossub * 5.25) + ($ossets * 6) + ($msetsus * 9) + ($msetsca * 12) + ($pdfsets * 6));
print <<< END

You can also mail a check to:

Pennsic Independent

2204 N 950 E

Lafayette, IN 47905

Checks should be payable to The Pennsic Independent and must arrive before July 30, 2004!

On-site subcribers, you MUST pick you your subscription card at the Pennsic Independent Office (near the barn) before you can recieve your paper. You will be able to get your paper either at the office, merchants who carry the paper or the ever present street urchins


if ($pdfsets > 0) {

print <<< END

You MUST pay with Paypal for PDF sets. To download the PDF copies of each issue, go to
. The username and password will be emailed to you once payment is recieved.




} else {
// THIS CAME FROM 1.inc.php
$wpi_provinces = array(
"AL" => "Alabama",
"AK" => "Alaska",
"AB" => "Alberta",
"AZ" => "Arizona",
"AR" => "Arkansas",
"BC" => "British Columbia",
"CA" => "California",
"CO" => "Colorado",
"CT" => "Connecticut",
"DE" => "Delaware",
"DC" => "District of Columbia",
"FL" => "Florida",
"GA" => "Georgia",
"GU" => "Guam",
"HI" => "Hawaii",
"ID" => "Idaho",
"IL" => "Illinois",
"IN" => "Indiana",
"IA" => "Iowa",
"KS" => "Kansas",
"KY" => "Kentucky",
"LA" => "Louisiana",
"ME" => "Maine",
"MB" => "Manitoba",
"MD" => "Maryland",
"MA" => "Massachusetts",
"MI" => "Michigan",
"MN" => "Minnesota",
"MS" => "Mississippi",
"MO" => "Missouri",
"MT" => "Montana",
"NE" => "Nebraska",
"NV" => "Nevada",
"NB" => "New Brunswick",
"NH" => "New Hampshire",
"NJ" => "New Jersey",
"NM" => "New Mexico",
"NY" => "New York",
"NF" => "Newfoundland",
"NC" => "North Carolina",
"ND" => "North Dakota",
"NT" => "Northwest Territories",
"NS" => "Nova Scotia",
"NT" => "Nunavut",
"OH" => "Ohio",
"OH" => "Ohio",
"OK" => "Oklahoma",
"ON" => "Ontario",
"OR" => "Oregon",
"PA" => "Pennsylvania",
"PE" => "Prince Edward Island",
"PR" => "Puerto Rico",
"QC" => "Quebec",
"RI" => "Rhode Island",
"SK" => "Saskatchewan",
"SC" => "South Carolina",
"SD" => "South Dakota",
"TN" => "Tennessee",
"TX" => "Texas",
"UT" => "Utah",
"VT" => "Vermont",
"VI" => "Virgin Islands (US)",
"VA" => "Virginia",
"WA" => "Washington",
"WV" => "West Virginia",
"WI" => "Wisconsin",
"WY" => "Wyoming",
"YT" => "Yukon Territory"

print <<

Modern Name (required)
SCA Name (required)
Street Address (required for mailed sets)
City (required for mailed sets)
State/Province (required for mailed sets) <Please make a selection>
foreach($wpi_provinces as $abbrev => $province) {

print "

if ($state == $province) print " selected";

print ">$province\n";

} // foreach($provinces as $abbrev => $province)

print <<< END

Country (required for mailed sets) < Please Select >

print ' if ($country == "USA") { print " selected"; }
print ">United States\n";
print ' if ($country == "CANADA") { print " selected";}
print ">Canada\n";
print <<< END

Postal Code (required for mailed sets)
Email Address (required for PDF sets)
Group Camping With (if applicible, required for on-site subscriptions or sets)
Number of on-site subscriptions ($5.25)
Number of on-site sets ($6.00)
Number of PDF sets ($6.00)
Number of sets to be mailed (US, $9.00)
Number of sets to mailed (Canada, $12.00)
Additional Mailing Address (if applicible)

// END 1.inc.php


Pennsic Independent Unclassifieds

Purchase Classified ads to print in the Pennsic Independent and online during the war! Pay via PayPal! It’s easy!

NOTE: The deadline for classified ads is 1:00 pm (EST) on the date prior to publication. We will try to get ads submitted after the deadline into the earliest possible publication. However, if you submit an ad after the deadline, please do not expect to see it in the next day's issue! Thank you!

Please contact pennsicads@gmail.com and we will help you submit your classifieds. The old form no longer works.



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