East Takes Rapier Town Battle

By Dara of House Gawain
Martial Reporter

Town Battleedit.jpg

The first war point for the rapier fighters, the Rapier Town Battle, was held on Monday. I feel that the word “battle” should be said with extra emphasis after seeing this incredible event, which went to the East Kingdom.
The combat was held out on the main battle field. Hay bales were arranged to mark the walls of twelve houses. Each of these houses had a letter or a number attached to it. According to the rules, the East Kingdom was given two blue flags while the Middle Kingdom was given two red flags. At the beginning of each round, the King of each side drew two tiles to let them know which two houses they needed to take. The winning army would be the first army to plant their flags in the two drawn houses. An important thing to remember is that neither army knew which two houses the other army was after. Each army had to spend part of their strength fighting toward the two houses they needed and the rest of their strength holding as many houses as they could in an effort to prevent the other army from doing the same.
As an added twist, unlimited resurrections were allowed for the first nine minutes but no resurrections were allowed after that in this 18 minute battle.
At the beginning of the battle, I had randomly arrived at the Middle Kingdom’s muster point. The fighters all around were eager for the battle and were discussing tactics with commanders and battle brothers and sisters. They were not alarmed that the East Kingdom outnumbered them more than two to one. They were eager to prove their mettle. The general gave a rousing speech when the field was declared ready and the answering roar of eagerness was deafening.
Unfortunately, just then, the weather decided to have its say. Before the armies could take the field, the dark clouds rained over the fields, adding slippery footing to an already difficult battle. Professor Pieter van Doorn of the Barony of Rivenstar stalked the edges of the field challenging the rain. Unfortunately, he was forced to quit the field before victory, but apparently he did strike a strong blow as the rain retreated less than ten minutes afterward.
The marshals checked the field one last time and then the armies were marched onto field, rapiers, daggers, shields and other weapons drawn and ready.
Lay on for the first bout was called and the two armies ran across the field, crashing together in the middle. The fighting was fierce with commanders shouting orders even as they blocked and parried. However, the East Kingdom had drawn houses 5 and 6, next to each other in the middle of the field. They reached the houses first and pushed the Middle Kingdom fighters back as the blue flags were passed forward and planted before the nine-minute resurrection mark was reached. First point went to the East Kingdom.
The second bout was prepared and the houses were drawn. The battle was joined even more fiercely than before. Neither line broke as the commanders of both armies yelled out orders, urging their fighters to hold or advance depending on what they saw. At one point, the Middle Kingdom pushed the East back almost past the middle row of houses despite the difference in numbers. At the nine-minute mark, both kingdoms held about half the field. Unfortunately for the Middle Kingdom, without resurrection, it quickly became a battle of attrition. The East Kingdom paid dearly for each inch it advanced though. The Middle Kingdom line did not break but was killed to a man and the East claimed the second point.
Though the East had decisively won in this two of three contest, the Middle Kingdom was willing to meet the East Kingdom for a third bout. As for who won that one, I can not say that it truly matters. Both armies fought long and hard, using tactics and skill to bring glory and honor to their respective rulers and deserve to be toasted as they prepare for the next war point fight in the war.
The kingdoms will meet again on Tuesday at 2 PM. For those of you that missed the town battle, be sure not to miss the Rapier Field Battle.


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