Annual Known World Thrown Weapons Championship

By Dominic Seamor
Thrown Weapons Reporter

After three hours broiling in the hot Pennsic sun, Paul Spearman (East) emerged as the overall winner (and best rat-killer) in the 13th Known World Thrown Weapons Championship held Tuesday afternoon on the Thrown Weapons range.
Paul and the other 33 throwers faced a series of wicked challenges designed by Baron Gareth Thorne and THL Elayne Thorne (Mid). Our valiant throwers were trying to reduce the spread of the dreaded bubonic plague by killing infected animals such as rats and boars, while trying not to impede the evacuation of people from the infected areas. Each competitor threw a total of six weapons of each kind (knife, axe, and spear) for a possible maximum score of 18 points per weapon, and 54 points overall. Paul Spearman earned 40 of those 54 points on his way to the overall title, helped by a nearly-perfect score with spears. Trystan der Fackeltreager took the prize for knife, gaining 13 points. The spear title was claimed by Paganus Grimlove (Caid), who threw for 16 points. At the time of this writing, the knife score was tied between Charles (Æthelmearc) and Colin MacKenzie (East) who each have a score of 11 points. The knife title will be determined on Wednesday by a throw-off between the two gentles, who sadly were forced to leave before the tied score was announced.
While many and skillful were the throws and the throwers, the most unusually effective technique was shown by Her Excellency Baroness Robynne the Grey of Caid, who participated in the competition along with her husband, Lord Malcolm Alberic. This is Her Excellency’s first time at the War and she has found the whole experience so exhilarating that she got a little confused on one of the spear targets. Engrossed in Pennsic conversation with the thrower in the adjacent lane, Her Excellency picked up a spear and threw it, backwards. The weapon flew straight, despite her lack of time for recent practice (Her Excellency is the Kingdom Seneschal for Caid) and stuck right in the bull’s-eye of the target, with the metal point of the spear hanging in the air. In recognition of her unusual but effective method of spear throwing, and after a quick consultation with the thrown weapons rules (which state that the spear cannot touch the ground and must stick in the target, but do not specify which end of the spear must be in the target) Baron Gareth awarded the Baroness the full three points for her throw. Despite the three points, Her Excellency did not win any of the categories, but still greatly enjoyed the competition. We wish Her Excellency well and hope she enjoys the rest of her visit to Pennsic.
All of the winners in the tourney were awarded illuminated scrolls prepared by Pani Zofia Kowaleweska and Baron Caleb Reynolds (Æthelmearc). Vivats for the generosity and skill of the scribes, and congratulations to the victors.