This is a War for Dreams

By Master Liam St. Liam
Battlefield Reporter

Moments after King Andreas of Æthelmearc had welcomed the crowd at Opening Ceremonies, King Kenric of the East declared that his kingdom would join the Middle Kingdom as an ally after four decades as enemies, “as a foundation for the friendship of all the kingdoms and the future of the Pennsic War.” The crowd, jammed into the barn because of the rain, responded with “huzzahs,” “hoobahs” and “vivats.”
King Savaric of the Midrealm joined King Kenric in saying, “this is historic, and we are allies with the East. We are now able to stand by them as comrades. There is a lot of history going on here.”
King Brian of Atlantia joined Æthelmearc to form The Alliance. He told of meeting King Savaric shortly after winning Atlantian crown. “Savaric came to me and told me of this plan, and I was sort of stunned,” he said, noting he quickly decided the plan was indeed a good one. “This is a war for dreams,” he said.

Setting the sides
Going in, the kings of the East and the Middle Kingdom knew they would be fighting together, but they did not know who else would be on their side.
Those sides were not decided until Saturday night’s Beer and Brats get-together at Midrealm Royal.
The sides supporting the East and the Midrealm fell together very quickly when King Hrafn of Ansteorra declared for the East and Middle while Calontir, an Ansteorran ally, joined in. Artemesia, a Calontiri ally, fell into place and An Tir, the Outlands, the Great Dark Horde, and the Kingdom of Acre also came aboard.
The Alliance, Æthelmearc and Atlantia had their share of kingdoms join them. The West was first, and the others included Ealdormere, Caid, Lochac, Atenveldt, Northshield, Trimaris and Drachenwald.
King Ailgheanan of Meridies said he was excited to attend a war where the goal was to emphasize fun and therefore before each battle Meredies would determine which side had the fewest fighters and would join that side to even out the numbers. The Kingdom of Gleann Abhann was not present.
Today’s war points include the rapier town battle, which is worth two points, and the armored town battle, which is worth six. The archery populace point will continue through Friday. The fencing champions battle, worth two war points was postponed until 2 p.m., Wednesday.

Honoring Duke Finnvar
A poignant moment came when King Kenric called Jarl Valgard Stonecleaver, a noted SCA historian, to the podium. He was there to call the recently retired Duke Finnvar du Taahe to receive a banner honoring him as the only man who was war king of both the East and the Midrealm – at Pennsics II and VI, respectively, and the only man to fight in the battles at every Pennsic War from Pennsic I to Pennsic 40.
As His Grace says, “Either you hang up your shield or a dragon eats you.”
We owe him a debt we cannot repay,” Jarl Valgard said, just before the kings of the East and the Midrealm handed Finnvar the banner.


The warhorn is blown to signal the start of War
Photo by Master Philip the Pilgrim