Tyger captures spoils from the Town

By DonalBane of Blakmers

Battlefield Reporter for the Pennsic Independent

After three War Points: East Tygers 2.5, Midrealm Dragons .5

The Great Armies of the Midrealm and East met for the first time this Pennsic on a perfect summer morning for the Town Battle.

This new grand melee was staged inside an elaborate structure of hay bales. The object of the battle was to acquire points either by capturing buildings, capturing relics and bringing them to their respective “temples” or by taking a large town relic to a “ship” a the northwest edge of the battlefield.

The Midrealm army entered the town from the south side and the Dragon’s forces got a boost when the Tuchux marched into their camp to start the battle. The Tuchux began the battle by entering the southwest entrance, along with forces from Ealdormere, Trimaris, other allied Kingdoms and the Free Company of Ironlance. The bulk of the Midrealm Army, spearheaded by the Darkyard Legion entered via the south entrance, along with elements of the Great Dark Horde. Also, the Dragon entrusted to the two “sally” points outside the town to Outlands, Calontir and Horde. Several Horde ballistae kept the sally point under fire.

The East entered the town from the eastern side. House Bloodguard spearheaded the East’s charge through the main east gate along with Æthelmearc and bulk of the East’s Southern and Central armies. At the northeast gate, Duchy Von DrachenKlaue spearheaded the charge with Atlantia and the Northern Army joining the fray. HRM Brion entrusted his allies with the sally points and later lauded their efforts.

The East got a bit of a jump on the Midrealm forces as the opening cannon sounded. The East’s main barreled straight through the center of the town, while the Midrealm forces were able to push along the southern flanks. The two corner forces met at the entrance to the ship’s dock, although the East’s force slowly pushed south throughout the battle.

According to the marshals, both Armies were able to seize their town relics — a Colossus foot for the Midrealm and a keg for the East. — but neither was able to get it to the ship.

Meanwhile, the battle developed into a long, diagonal line for most of its duration, though the lines slowly shifted as the East pushed south along the west flank and the Midrealm pushed north along the east flank.

After a general hold was called when one gentle had to be carted off the field, the East was able to send a late charge barreling in to the Midrealm’s southeast flank. The Tyger warriors nearly were on top of the south gate before a furious Midrealm countercharge pushed them back.

In the middle of that charge, however, the final cannon sounded. Although there was some cofusion about the final point count, the East emerged as the clear winner of the War Point, having captured most of the buildings and having put two relics in its temple.

HRM Brion was delighted with the efforts of this army.

“I think they preformed extremely well,” HRM Brion said. “Atlantia and Æthelmearc drew up a great plan and executed it well with Atlantia going over the top. I think the Midrealm fought very well. I saw some very good, hard fighting in this battle.”

HRM Felix also assembled his troops after the battle.

“I am very proud of you all,” HRM Felix told his troops. “We fought hard and we fought fairly.”

Today’s Big Battle: The Woods Battle

The only battle that traces its origin back to Pennsic I, the brawl in the forest will be two, one-hour resurrection battles this year fought over five banners.

What to watch for: Not much. Since non-combatants are forbidden from entering the woods, it’s tough to watch this battle. However, anyone who helps the water bearers at the resurrection points will be appreciated.

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