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The Mental Game for SCA Fighting



In most athletic endeavors, armored fighting included, high-level athletes agree that success is 10% physical and 90% mental. The irony is that the training time spent by most athletes is closer to 90% physical and 10% mental.  Here are ideas to consider for training in the mental aspect of your game.

Questions For SCA Combat Teachers

Duke Paul of Bellatrix

This article discusses some reasons people give for not taking the time to evaluate a technique before they start using it or incorporate it into their teaching.  It also asks questions as to the rationale for the reason given.

Every teacher should answer the following questions for each technique they instruct others to use.  For each main question below, find your response(s), then answer the associated questions.

Running Alone Together: Pennsic half-marathoners will hold virtual run

Pennsic is postponed for this year, but the Unofficial Pennsic Half Marathon (UPHM) is not; the now-annual UPHM run will take place as scheduled, but in a virtual format rather than around Cooper’s Lake. Participants will complete the run on their own, on a course of their own choosing, at their convenience, during the weekend of July 31-August 2, 2020, and record their times and distances afterward on the Unofficial Pennsic Half Marathon page on Facebook.

Smaller Fighters

This article provides tips and guidance for smaller fighters of any gender, with the goal of making fighting easier and more enjoyable by suggesting improvements in technique and strategy. The article does not contain complete descriptions of techniques.  It suggests changes in technique that will help the user swing harder and faster.  It will also provide useful bits of advice concerning tactics and equipment.