Axes and Allies

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The Known World Thrown Weapons Championship was held on Tuesday in the pouring rain. Fifteen champions from the Middle Kingdom and its Allies went head to head against the champions from the East Kingdom and their Allies. Each match had a round of 20 axes and 20 knives. Most of the 15 matches were decided by a single throw, with a dozen or so requiring a tie-breaking spear throw.

All About the Next Generation

Photo by Sean Sreamach


By Maggie Rue

The Pennsic Independent

Wednesday of War Week has a focus on one of the most important aspects of our Society: The children. Because without them, the SCA falls by the wayside. It grays out. It fades into obscurity. We don’t want that; therefore, Wednesday is a multi-department undertaking to ensure that the kids’ Dream of the SCA comes true as well.

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Rapier Report

By: Brita Svensdottir (East)


The Ladies Rapier Tourney had the largest turnout in the tourney’s history with 43 entrants. Participants had “Fight Me” signs and nametags in honor of the late Maestra Hawke Miriam. Brighid, one of the organizers of the tourney, was represented by a photo poster, having moved to An Tir.

The tourney was single elimination until the finals. The concluding bout between Eyrny of Ealdormere and Celestria of Atlantia was fought best two out of three. Celestria was the victor.

The War Rages On!

Photo by: Sean Sreamach


By Marian of Heatherdale

The Pennsic Independent

Monday’s Armored Town Battle had some surprises! The Tuchux fighting force almost looked ready to join the Midrealm, but minutes before the starting cannon sounded, they moved en masse to the Eastern side of the field. The East took the morning’s War Point. Fighters on both sides fought bravely! Tuesday’s War Points will include the 8 am Thrown Weapons Championship, The Armor and Rapier Woods Battles (weather permitting), as well as Combat Archery and Siege Battle at 3 pm.

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