Flashing Swords

By Brita Svensdottir

The Pennsic Independent

On Wednesday evening, the Master Edmund the Lame Memorial Two-Hander Tourney was held. Seven fighters participated. It was created in honor of the late Master Edmund who was famous for using a two-handed weapon.

Baroness Iliana von Atten Feil, Master Edmund’s fiancé, has sponsored this tourney since 2014. “Many people missed Edmund,” she said. “He loved fencing and introducing people to it, and I wanted that to continue. This tourney will be successful if people take the joy and share it with others.”

The round-robin format, best two-out-of-three was won by Remy Delamontagne de Gascogne of the East. Second place went to Andre l’epervier of the East and third place to Salvadore de la Torres of Æthelmearc.

The annual Ansteorran Rapier Tournament attracted 46 fighters—about half the normal number. The format was a double elimination best two-out-of-three. Masters of the List Nicaize and Myfanwy set up the first pairings so that no one had to fight someone from their own kingdom. After several rounds, there were only three fighters left: Master Raphael di Mirisi from the Midrealm with one loss, and Master Bumi of Atlantia and Master John Drake of Ansteorra, both undefeated. A random draw set Raphael against Bumi, best two-out-of-three, with Rafael having to win twice in order to defeat his opponent. Master Bumi was victorious and faced Master John Drake in the finals, best two-out-of-three, which Master John won in two passes.

Queen Toryn Sevenstitches of Ansteorra awarded Rose tokens to Raphel and Bumi for their honor and prowess in their finals bout, as well as Provost Jacques Gonse of Atlantia and Lord Flernfel of Carleon for their courteous and entertaining fight. Every combatant was offered refreshments, a chance to meet the Queen, and a small token. Queen Toryn, now in her second reign, said this tourney was the highlight of her SCA experience. “Ansteorra has a deep and abiding relationship between the rapier fighters and the Queen, so this tourney is special.”

The Rapier town Battle was a 50-minute battle with five flags placed in “buildings.” There were three time-checks to see who had control of the most flags. The two teams quickly took two flags each. Although challenged, both teams held their flags. As usual, the central flag was the most contested, changing possessions several times. At the first time check, the score was East 2, Midrealm 3. At the end of the battle, the Midrealm had control of three flags to the East’s two, giving the point to the Midrealm.

The Rapier Field Battle is at noon on Friday. The Cut and Thrust Spear and Polearm Tourney is at 10am.