Under the Golden Hart

By: Lady Rosana Cavalieri di Narni


While the SCA is known for its family friendly entertainment and image, another side is emerging, previously taboo and shunned. But, in a modern era of sex positivity, feminism, and widening support for marginalized communities, it should come as no surprise that the Knowne World Courtesans have carved out an elegant and blissful niche to open eyes and ears to their world.

The Gathered Clouds of War

By Lady Marian of Heatherdale, OL

The Pennsic Independent


It was a busy first day for War Points. While there were some logistical delays on the field, the Champions and Melee Battles went pretty smoothly. After the East won the Unbelted Champions Battle, their Majesties immediately placed their force’s Captain on vigil for the Order of the Chivalry. Vivat for Master Estgar!


Here are our results for Battlefield War Points:


(Orignially published in 2013. OG had talked about what happens as the Society grows older. He remembered EVERY name of the Pennsic Legends who could no longer be here. We will ensure that this legend is always remembered and honored. – Heirusalem and the Staff of PI)



Classifieds 8-7-22

Lost & Found

Did you lose something on Horde Hill Wed night? Come to Great Dark E10 to ransom. Tell us want you were doing when you lost it!



146.520 1800 Hrs. If you know, you know.

Herald’s Point Needs Volunteers!!! We need greeters, and more Heralds!!! We are happy to teach Heraldry! Come in and have fun, meet new friends, learn new skills.

Classifieds 8-5-22


Did you lose something on Horde Hill Wed night? Come to Great Dark E10 to ransom. Tell us want you were doing when you lost it!

146.520 1800 Hrs. If you know, you know


For Sale

More toys than a toy shop! Stuffed animals/people, hard toys, games + puzzles. Some free toys! Sp 28

A Range to Throw Your Cares Away

By Maggie Rue

The Pennsic Independent

“I am extremely happy.”

Marshal One for Thrown Weapons, Forester Uthan Laoch (Midrealm), is having a great time at his first Pennsic. “I have received the best support from the volunteers who have been here before. I cannot compliment enough how easy they’ve made it for me for my first time; it is so much easier,” he beams.

OG - Welcome Home

OG on “Home”

(Originally published in 2018. OG was on site for a few days. PI hosted a 21st birthday party for him. Folks came in off the road, both old friends or gentles who had never had a chance to meet the legend in person.

We did not know that it was his last Pennsic War. –Heirusalem)