Unclassifieds 8/6/23


Triggered by your medallion? Agnostic recovery meetings 8:00am at corner of Sedalia’s Way and Strand.


Adults Only: Mad Sten hid clues to pirate treasure in misfortune cookies. Trade stupid tricks for them at Penultima, Odyssey Coffee, Three Swans, Pandora’s Box, Dunn Phallin, and Chalkman Pub.


Bone & horn carving instruction, materials, tools & techniques. Bring raw material if wanted. Tools available Booth 134 Plunder Lane Nordik Kraft


Eye On the Battlefield

Duchess Sir Elina of Beckenham, OL, OR, OP, KSCA

Battlefield Reporter, PI


Friday boasted glorious weather all day for fighting!  Pick-ups and instruction abounded across the fields, Knights from around the Known World took to the field to offer tips and techniques.  

Unclassifieds 8/4/23

Lady Guendalina’s snoods now at Neverland Designs @ 121 Plunder Lane


Unicorns, horses & bears, Oh My! Stick horses & stuffies, games, puzzles, dolls & more.  Space 28


Pavilion for Sale 13x18 Oval Marque 10 yrs old. Full set package $800. Pick up last Sat of war. Text 865-310-5044 N03 Meridian Royal


Wide brim straw hats $6. Neverland Designs @ 121 Plunder Lane


A View of the Battlefield

By Duchess Elina of Beckenham OL, OR, OP, KSCA

Battlefield Reporter, PI