We're Saving You a Seat! Presenting Performances and Expos at Pennsic 50

What do you do at 5 PM on Thursday of Peace Week? You wend your way to the Performing Arts Tent to see some of your favorite performers from across the Known World. This year we offer 57 performances and six Afternoon Series Expos where you can show up and perform.  Whether you enjoy Shakespeare, a rollicking bit of music, spine-tingling stories, comedy, or Commedia, we have you covered. Take a look at this year's season of fun. We're saving you a seat.


Thursday, August 3 • PERFORMING ARTS TENT

Walk with Me

I travel the paths I know so well

Through bee-loved fields and over dark hill

And as I see memories from long before

I feel you walk with me once more


I hear your words and remember those days

In years past, when you cheered and waved

Each step that I take your voice I miss more,

As I hear you come up beside me once more.


Every year I come home and spend my days walking

And greet my friends and spend some time talking

But it’s the time when I wander like I did before

A Choka in Memory of Absent Friends

A choka is a form of Japanese verse dating from the 6th through the 14th centuries. It consists of alternating lines of five and seven syllables, with a final seven syllables at the end. The length is, however, as many lines are necessary.

Mistress Sofya Gianetta di Trieste commissioned me to write a poem for the Memorial in celebration of the lives of the absent at the encampment of the Crown Province of Ostgardr on August 11. She has given me permission to publish it here the next day.

At the service of your honors, I am

Kid Wins War Single-handedly!

By Kumata Kurō Ie’naga

The Pennsic Independent


It turns out that neither the Midrealm nor the East were victorious in this 49th Pennsic War. That honour goes to six-year-old Henri Singleman of the East, according to the authority of said six-year-old, who upon the occasion of his appearing in photos TWICE in the pages of this publication, exclaimed, “I won Pennsic!”

Their Majesties of the Midrealm and the East have been duly informed.


Bold Bridges and Terrific Towns

Photo by Sean Sreamach


Battle Report

by Marian of Heatherdale

The East decisively took the Armored Bridge War Point yesterday, which was fought in five short timed battles. The Eastern War General, Duchess Caoilfhionn inghean Fhaolain, and Her Majesty Rani Indrakshi were both on the field to inspire the troops. There were rumors of a prominent Midrealm ally fighting by Rani’s side: Master Po Silvertop of Aethelmearc. One wonders what bribes or threats could have captured his temporary loyalty. The public has a right to know!

Classifieds Aug 12, 2022

For Sale

Ask Morwena about Lightning wands! (only 10 at war) Shof # 4

Wide prim straw hats at Neverland Designs #121 $6

SOLD - Panther marquee 18 x 18 $2000. Space 162. Includes 4 rugs,& select fixtures. Other display items are also available. End of War pick up only.

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Flashing Swords

By Brita Svensdottir

The Pennsic Independent

On Wednesday evening, the Master Edmund the Lame Memorial Two-Hander Tourney was held. Seven fighters participated. It was created in honor of the late Master Edmund who was famous for using a two-handed weapon.

Baroness Iliana von Atten Feil, Master Edmund’s fiancé, has sponsored this tourney since 2014. “Many people missed Edmund,” she said. “He loved fencing and introducing people to it, and I wanted that to continue. This tourney will be successful if people take the joy and share it with others.”

Classifieds Aug 11, 2022

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Costuming Laurel pre-estimate sale! 6 boxes of trim, ect. 51 boxes of fabric. Some mixed garb. Space 28.

Tapestries, Inc. 12th c. Scandinavian. Space 28

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TENT SUPPLIES inc immed. emergency tentage. Sp.28

Sour can be Sweet

By Kumata Kurō Ie’naga and Guillemette Falaize


The arts and sciences in our Society can take many varied forms. Coins, books, hand-forged swords, wines; the list goes on and on. There is, however, one art that rarely finds itself highlighted in our Society, despite the huge influence it had on the Middle Ages throughout the world: vinegar.