Crypt: P1 solved - Winner please return.
P2: 4 is N 1st letter is H.
P3 A SEQ IS TSULAO 1st letter 2nd line is T

Annual Known World Thrown Weapons Championship

By Dominic Seamor
Thrown Weapons Reporter

Coalition Takes Bridges, Leads War

dsc_7657 bbattle done-comp.jpg
Brave fighters battle for the bridges in close combat.


Crypt: P1: MID IS 3 P2: S is T M is S BACKSLASH IS R P3: 1st letter AFTER CHANGE IS F Another SEQ is NWMIC

The Tournament of Chivalry

By Lord Jack Marvell
Features Reporter

A&S Exhibit, A Moveable Feast

DSCN0045 tpestry pic ready - comp.jpg

A reproduction of part of the Bayeux Tapestry


Handicap Tourney on Wed the 8th at 3pm. If you have a physical imparement that you think that prevents you from throwing come anyways and learn how. Location Throwing Weapons Range.



Barony of Flaming Gryphon members to wear subdued livery!

This is a War for Dreams

By Master Liam St. Liam
Battlefield Reporter

eTroll...The Same But Different

By Lady Mary of Montevale
Features Reporter

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