PI Hoping to Publish First Saturday

For years, there has been an interest in having The Pennsic Independent publish during the first week.

In a potential move toward doing so, the PI staff is exploring the possibility of publishing an issue on the first Saturday of War Week.

This special issue will be a welcome issue, with a summary of activities that take place during "Land Grab Week", the first week of Pennsic. This particular week has grown from several dozen land representatives to thousands of participants. More activities take place now than ever before. Merchants and the food court open, and classes and the battlefield are now scheduled during that week.

The issue will be on sale at Pennsic, but will only be included in the PDF subscriptions, sets, and mail-home subscriptions for the cost of an extra edition ($.75). If we find that we will be able to publish this, it will be reflected on the order form in early July.

We are hoping to get the support we need to publish this special issue. In order to do this, we have to have strong readership, advertising support, Urchins, and staff.

Most of our staff is unable to attend until the second week, and it takes some time to get properly set up to produce PI. Therfore, we are looking for folks to help us in the various tasks that must be completed. We need a couple of reporters, some strong arms, and front desk help. Please contact the Publisher, Heirusalem, if you would like to help us.

More than anything else, we need to know if you would be interested in purchasing this edition. Please fill out the poll on this page and let us know if you support this idea.

Thank you!

The PI Staff


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