Pennsic Fools Parade 2005!

Come all fools! All jesters! All silly people at heart!

Come join your fellow foolish friends and parade through the streets of
Pennsic on Tuesday, August 16th, in a celebration of your joyous spirit!
Every Pennsic camper is welcome! No rehearsed performance is required, and
you need fulfill no pre-requisites for your performance, costume, or props -
only that you walk along in a responsible and safe manner.

Visit for details!

There is a required safety briefing directly before the parade. If you miss
the safety brief, you *must* personally speak to the Fool in Charge, Sophia
the Orange, before you join the parade.

We muster at 5:30 at the Barn - after all the cool performing classes for
the day have finished and before all the cool performances in the evening

If you would like to arrange for an "invasion" of or a polite visit to your
encampment from the Fools' Parade, and your encampment is close to the
merchants' area, please email me!

Please fwd this email and/or the URL above as far and wide as possible!
Please help me reach the non-middle kingdom lists! Every Pennsic attendee
is encouraged to come participate!

Fool in Charge,
Sophia the Orange


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