Pennsic Independent Server Problems: Almost fixed!

As with any large software upgrade, we've encountered some small glitches in the Pennsic Independent transition. Coincidentally, an unrelated problem with the web hosting provider hit at the same time. ...

Believe it or not, the migration to the new software that now runs the PI Web Edition was a very smooth process. There is still a problem accessing the PDF version of the Pennsic Independent (paid subscribers only), but we expect to have that fixed later tonight (Wednesday, August 4).

On the exact same evening when we had just finished installing the new software, a denial-of-service (DoS) attack was launched by spammers against the hosting company that manages the PI's physical server hardware. This sort of attack usually relies on Windows computers that are infected with a special kind of virus program, which can be triggered remotely by the attacker to launch millions of bogus connection requests against the target. PI wasn't specifically the targeted web site; we just happened to get caught in the crossfire.

Robin Gallowglass, one of the hardware administrators, acted quickly to deal with the problem, but it still took most of the night and part of the next day to recover. (Incidentally, the PI server wasn't security-compromised, just temporarily overloaded with workload.) During the time when the DoS attack was in progress, we could not work on finishing the site upgrade.

All of this is, hopefully, behind us, and we are taking care of the last couple of minor problems. Everything should be working fine before Pennsic. In the meantime, we apologize for the inconvenience.


PI Web Technical Staff


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