Originally published at Pennsic 42, 2013 Common Era


As I pick my second basket of thistles, knowing I had at least five more to go, I wondered why our good loving God would make such an evil painful weed that grows so fast, so strong, and is so hard to kill. But the OG in me wonders, “Could I make wine with this?”  YES! Thistles are edible when cleaned and boiled. It is a laxative. It may also be good for the blood. It cures headaches and baldness. I found thistle bread, thistle pie, thistle beer and thistle wine. We make dandelion wine, why not thistle wine or perhaps even a cordial? I’ve had hops cordials and a very good cannabis cordial. We could do thistle cordials! Could thistles be used instead of hops in brewing? Hmm...too much thinking for a simple OG Brain.  The Scottish have a great love of thistles. It is on their coins, medals and heraldry. It may be the national flower and it would come with a wonderful history. Norsemen attacking late at night. One steps on a thistle. He howls in pain. The brave Scots send up an alarm saving the king. The thistle was the hero. Another basket. My back hurts, I’m tired, It’s HOT and I need a BEER. I put a sign in my yard, “100% Organic Thistles! Free to a good home. Pick your own.” And they may be an aphrodisiac. Lords and Ladies!   Charge your glasses and raise them high! To the noble thistle and to using our brains over our brawn. Who says you cannot teach an old OG new tricks? To you and yours,

Drink Well. Drink Often. Drink with...