Originally published at Pennsic 41, 2012 Common Era


Let us drink to the mundane world! For fifty weeks we live there. Sometimes it gets it right. Every time I get to the big city I find a new and interesting brewpub. Yes, I look for them. Wine bars are becoming more common. Local wines are very good and normally cheap. We do not have a meadery…yet. But I can order a mead and they know what I am talking about and can find one on the shelf.

Being a Beer Snob has become trendy, hip, cool. (OG is cool?)  It is a great world we live in! New little distilleries are the rage. Legal! Fill out the forms, get the license, lay the coin. (It’s all about the coin).   You’re in business! There is something new coming out almost daily. Dogfish Head Brewery has 300 custom beers, three rums, a gin and sixteen vodkas. (The garlic is nice). Five Wives Vodka from Utah is worth it for the bottle. Black Tequila? The list is near endless.

A new book on my bookshelf, “1001 Whiskies You Must Taste Before You Die.” That could be my new bucket list. There is also “1001 Beers You Must…” and a “1001 Wines You Must…” I love good books. Lords and Ladies! Charge your glasses and raise them high! To putting something new in your mug. What we drink: may it never get boring

Drink Well. Drink Often. Drink with...