As many read in yesterday’s issue about our Despôtissa Heirusalem Crystoma’s retirement, and stepping down from our much-respected Pennsic Independent, we just wanted to let you know that your beloved newspaper will return next year under new management. A new partnership, Pennsic Papers Partners, formed from long-time workers of the PI, will be running the show.

The new management team will be asking for your input over the year about what you would like to see in the paper next Pennsic. Tell us what you feel needs to be changed. Look for the online posts in the Facebook Pennsic Group. Please give us your opinions. We want to know.

Unfortunately, there will be changes in the price structure of the paper as well as an increase in Urchin commissions. There may be other slight price changes as we restructure and reorganize to set things up for Pennsic 51.

We are excited to pick up this torch and continue the beloved tradition of the Pennsic Independent.