Vikings were basically hunter-gathers. They raised crops and had live stock.

If the monks were sharing eggs, they had eggs. If the village was cooking a pig, Vikings had pork.

 Vikings had a simple diet

Elk, Deer, Seal, Walrus, Shark, Horsemeat, all kinds of fish, whatever game they could get.

Lute fisk- Dried cod is soaked in lye, then rinsed in clean water twice. I have had it at a couple of feasts (I said had it, not that I liked it).  It came out like fish jell-o and it still tasted like lye.

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Building Your Persona from the Inside Out

By Lunardo Capriolo, Aethelmearc

Building a persona from the inside out means creating a space inside your own where you go beyond imagination into “pretendination.” Once you have created this space you can project it outward until it is large enough to contain those around you and bring them into your persona’s world with you. This series will explore techniques to create an inner persona that will make your outward portrayal more convincing and complete.

What’s in a Name?

Banners Call

With the breaking of the war arrow, the War begins.

Photo by Sean Sreamach


Clear skies and gentle breezes set the stage for the opening ceremonies under Mt. Eislinn in front of the iconic fort.  Crowns and kingdoms put on their best and processed in under marshal drums and banners waving.  Each Kingdom heralded in their Crown and returned to the growing numbers at the base of the fort to eagerly await the words of the Monarchs to declare sides. 

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Egyptian Faience-6:00 at A&S 4



Making Paint Brushes-9:00 AM at A&S 15

A Guide to Viking Age Living History- 10:00 AM at A&S 13

1558-1590 Pearl and Gen Glass-Beaded Necklace- 11:00 AM at Metalsmith Mage (Vendor #153)

i Verdi Confusi Dress Rehearsal- 1:00 PM at Performing Arts Tent

Period Portraiture- 1:00 PM at A&S 1

Sister Bags: Make-and-Take Knitted/Felted Bag- 1:00 PM at A&S 17

The Battle of Tortuga (Rapier)- 1:00 PM at Rapier List 2


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